Monday, 19 July 2010

Seuil - Chamaeleonaide (Welcome To Masomenos)

Current Paris resident Seuil hails from the Reunion Island and makes incredibly passionate electronic compositions that sweat jazz and the heartbreaking power of the blues from their pores. Despite what the title may suggest, this an album of dancefloor grooves, albeit dancefloor grooves also fit for any occasion. Zesty live instrumentation and hard to control vocals play a pivotal role, helping Seuil step away from the rest. The explosive Saxy Back, melancholic Origine and tortured Cameleon are the cuts that should be sampled first. It might be talking this album up slightly too much to say it is to 2010s techno what St Germain’s Boulevard was to deep house in the mid 90s, but it is still a brilliant LP.

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