Monday, 29 March 2010

V/A - Kon & Amir Present Off Track Vol III: Brooklyn (BBE)

A hotbed of talent, Brooklyn has long been home to various creative types and here Kon and Amir shed the light on the borough’s discoid and soulful past. Brooklyn has changed a great deal since these hard to find ditties were originally conceived, but there is still room in the world and even in the diverse neighbourhoods of Brooklyn itself for them today. Kon brings us winners such as his own remix of Donny McCullogh’s doting From The Heart and Randolph Baker’s powerful Getting Next To You. Amir drops hits such as Bomp’s heart-warming Disco Power and Christy Essien Igbokwe’s candid You Can’t Change A Man. Brooklyn is a very inspiring place and this compilation pays tribute to some of its lesser well known musical sons and daughters.

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