Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sport Hit Paradise - A Word That Describes Something Extremely Romantic (Sport Hit Paradise)

This intriguing album is a collaboration between brilliant artist Elisabeth Arkhipoff and a number of musical masters, recorded as the mythical Sport Hit Paradise band. Arkhipoff is a NY based artist, who has worked with a range of fashion and musical clients and is known for work that often features cut out female features set against startling backdrops. For this project, each musical producer was given a brief and their creations impress. Discodeine’s Bikini Ballet is simply gorgeous, Villeneuve’s Christel Graffiti is a pained effort with uncontrollable brass and Munk’s Sunshine ou Noir is a macabre dream. Sport Hit Paradise is an excellent compilation and there is a related exhibition that features Arkhipoff’s work, which takes place at Espace 12 Mail in Paris.

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