Sunday, 1 November 2009

V/A - moodmusic / starstyling (moodmusic)

moodmusic / starstyling was originally a mix compiled by mood music head honcho Sasse for the Starstyling ‘Hokus Fokus’ show at Berlin Fashion Week 2009. Instead of leaving it as a one off soundtrack to posing, moodmusic have chosen to make this smooth mix of magical house and technoid treats available to mere mortals. There’s no denying the strength of many of the grooves on show, even though they do merge into one another in the mix. The best moments are Ada’s acidic mix of Dave DK’s Cinema Paraiso, Filippo Moscatello’s floating Pagliaccio and Tigerskin’s mind melting Holy Grail. The moodmusic / starstyling compilation shows the distinctive groove associated with moodmusic releases.

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