Thursday, 24 September 2009

Musical Musings Week 38

Alaine - Never Done

Modern day chantuese Alaine Laughton was born in New Jersey, but raised in Jamaica. She has the voice of an angel, blessing all manner of riddims with her love praising lyrics. The beautiful Never Done was produced by Don Corleon and released on the Don’s own imprint in 2009.

Joe Claussell - Evora

An uncompromising musical figure in what often seems like a voiceless age, Claussell lets his feelings show through his music. Sure, many of his records are rather expensive and infuriatingly difficult to get hold of, but what do you expect for the musical equivalent of fine art? His anti MP3 stance only increases the desirability of records such as this dynamic remix of Cesaria Evora’s Bia Lulucha. It’s just a shame that the scarcity of his releases means that a greater audience isn’t at least exposed to his musical message. Whether they would understand Claussell or not is an entirely different matter.

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