Saturday, 30 January 2010

HIB Radio February 2010

Kria Brekkan - Place Of You
Junior Murvin - Police And Thieves
Frank De Jojo - Turn Off The Lights
Two Door Cinema Club - Costume Party
Ghalib Ghallab - School Days
Sade - Soldier Of Love (Casamena Basement Edit)


V/A - Gomma Dance Tracks EP 2 (Gomma Dance Tracks)

Gomma hit hard with a veritable musical banquet in the shape of this various artists EP. The clear winner is Cecile & Venice’s Rimmel, with its soaring keys, layered percussion and outrageous bassline. Fred Berthet’s haunted brass version of Papa Tango Charly’s Tigani and Golden Bug’s sleazy bassed take on Telonious’s Monster are also worthy of a mention.

Sade - Soldier of Love (Casamena Basement Remix) (MP3)

Floating around on Soundcloud is this awesome revision of the new Sade offering from Carlos Mena. Reminding listeners that Sade is suited best to swirling deep house soundscapes and soft 80s flavours, not gunshot hip hop percussion, Mena has come up with an awesome revision.

Erland & The Carnival - Trouble In Mind (Full Time Hobby / Static Caravan)

Justifiably causing quite a storm in the press, Erland & The Carnival create touching songs that meld folky ideals with somewhat darker influences. Trouble In Mind is all frank vocals, padded percussion and bitter tasting guitars.

Lionrock - Packets Of Peace (Remixes) (Deconstruction)

A label responsible for many a dance hit in the 90s, the Sony driven Deconstruction imprint returns following dormancy for almost a decade. Justin 'Lionrock’ Robertson’s Packets Of Peace still sounds in relatively good nick in original form, but it’s the remixes that take home the money. The Chemical Brothers mix from way back when still does it, courtesy of its hearty percussion and wobbly synthetics, whilst the Jeff Mills mix is all smiley piano lines and stuttered vox. Riva Starr supplies a couple of brilliant mixes where ethereal strings, genuinely uplifting keys and storming percussion combine beautifully.

Memory Tapes - Graphics (Something In Construction)

Memory Tapes makes relaxing electronic concoctions that have the ability to trap you. Graphics is a mind losing journey, where magical synths and touching vocals hold the ultimate power.

Belleruche - The Liberty EP (Tru Thoughts)

In Kathrin deBoer, Belleruche have a front woman whose effortlessly silky tones demand attention. The group‘s production work is also often spot on, which makes the off-key and drunken sounding 56% Proof a joy to the ears. As far as the remixes are concerned, Asthmatic Astronauts supply an utterly distraught take on You’re Listening To The Worlds and Hint gives us a great bottom heavy remix of Anything You Want (Not That).

Two Door Cinema Club - Costume Party (Kitsuné)

Originally available on the flipside to the 7” release of I Can Talk, the highly desirable TDCC are now offering this as a free download from their new website. Costume Party is another slice of perfect pop from the outfit, which features skinny guitars, quick fire drums and angsty vocals.

Cherry - World Waits (Four Twenty)

Cherry is a Tokyo based producer who makes understated yet utterly beguiling electronic compositions. World Waits sees pained keys wrap themselves around pointed percussion and melodious synthetics. Ada’s remix also explores electronic beauty, but in a slightly different manner, whilst bonus cut When The Truth Is offers dreamy keys and sharp beats.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wiretappeur - Colours & Motion (Fresh Meat)

Fresh Meat return to vinyl in an age where many house fans rely on MP3 as opposed to the trusty 12”. Fair play to Mazi’s imprint for going back to wax and they do it in style with a groovy technoid effort from Wiretappeur entitled Colours. The Audio Soul Project mix is all angular keys and fattened beats, whilst Justin Long offers a skinnier edit. Motions is a mean synther, with jumpy beats and hard nosed stabs.

Kria Brekkan - Uterus Water (Paw Tracks)

Icelandic artist Kristin Anna Valtysdottir was in the outfit Múm and as Kria Brekkan makes gorgeous lo-fi material. The high point of this EP is Place Of You, with its tortured vocals and cautious key led instrumentation that feels its way forward.

Salvatore Freda - Worldwild EP (Freerange)

Lausanne techy don Salvatore Freda has really come up trumps with this outing on Freerange. Mirame is all steady beats, inverted synths and lost vocal fractions. Irpinia is another winner, courtesy of its simple percussion, intricate key work and smart synths.

Daco - Aquarium EP (PAPERecordings)

Mancunian Daco reminds us of what it was like in the good old days, when PAPERecordings were in their prime and you could while away hours listening to new vinyl in record shops. Aquarium lives up to its name and has you floating along courtesy of sublime vocals and sweet brass. Feel Your Love twists a bottom heavy synth around pained vocals and cut beats, whilst Play My Mind will soothe even the most agitated of listeners.

Alex Celler - Mok Da Mush (Area Remote)

Celler is a London based Greek courting all sorts of attention for his irresistible brand of dancefloor grooves that demand body movement. The title track is a macabre effort, where a bouncing bassline does the damage. Punishing beats and a dark bassline combine on the sleazy Nymphoz.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

V/A - In The Loop: 5 (Anticon)

LA based radio and arty types Dublab don’t really care about pigeonholes or genre niceties. They bring together a heady mixture of multicoloured grooves from artists currently floating their boat. The tracks that caught my ear on this EP are The Ruby Suns’ psychotropic Kenya Dig It and Lucky Dragons’ kalimba dripping Are We Alright?

Mono Taxi - How You Gonna Feel About This? (Ciao Ketchup)

Half English and half French, Mono Taxi make rousing guitar driven ditties. How You Gonna Feel About This? demands to know the truth, with the gutsy vocals ably assisted by plump guitars and measured drums.