Thursday, 23 September 2010

2010 end of summer albums & compilations round-up part 2

Here is another collection of albums and compilations that nearly slipped through my musical net…Horace Andy has been active since the 70s and here proves he still has stories to tell on this mellow and atmospheric album produced by Brotherman. It features wonderfully deep reggae cuts such as the frank Your Friend and beautiful Love. Ana Moura’s take on Fado is also beautiful and understated. It’s hard not to be won over by efforts such as the mournful Par Minha Conta and heart melting Rumo Ao Sul on her wonderful Leva-Me Aos Fados album. Japan’s Soil & “Pimp” are a little more rowdy, setting the world alight with their deliciously destructive take on jazz. Winners on their sixth collection include a demented version of Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag and the joyful Mirror Boy. Shifting continents to Africa, impressive Senegalese vocalist Baaba Maal comes correct with an excellent two disc retrospective that focuses on his early works. Disc one features sonorous soundscapes and vivid melodies, typified by efforts such as the crying out Laguiya and soothing Baydikacce. Disc two features heavier production on efforts like the bold Laan Tooro and buoyant Sehil. Staying in Africa, we are treated to another impressive retrospective, this time from Miriam Makeba. She had the voice of a skylark or even an angel, which is evident from songs such as the touching Miriam & Spokes Phata Phata and the cool Dakhla Yunik on the more traditional first disc. Disc two features more upbeat work, such as the powerful Talking & Dialoging and uplifting Ask The Rising Sun. John Armstrong’s South African Funk Experience is full of funky jazz vibes and warming grooves. Highlights include Teaspoon & The Waves’ key driven Oh Yeh Soweto and Jabula featuring Vicky Mhlongo’s cool Jabula’s Happiness. Once again, seek and ye shall find….

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