Saturday, 31 July 2010

V/A - Multiverse 2004 - 2009: Dark Matter (Tectonic)

Multiverse celebrate their position as Bristol’s premier studio for dub infected electronics, with a compilation that could easily be characterised as ‘Dark Matter’. I initially found many dubstep tunes too much like sedated D&B from the mid to late 90s. However, the genre has sprouted exciting tracks that have the same excitement and energy as classic D&B. It is clear to see that as a genre, dubstep was just another step in the evolution of British born electronic music. This compilation from Mulitverse feature a number of peaches from major players of the scene. Highlights of the first disc include Skream’s melodic Bahl Fwd and Vex’d's epic Lion, which almost sounds like an old D&B/Jungle tune due to its time stretched rasta vocals, angular beats and jarring bassline. Disc two winners include Loefah & Skream’s moody 28 Grams and Joker’s eerie Psychedelic Runway. Dark Matter is a handy way to pick up a great selection of heavyweight tunes.

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