Monday, 19 July 2010

V/A - Body Language 9: Mixed by DJ Hell (Get Physical) V/A - Compilation 12 (Gigolo)

German techno goliath Hell is near mythical figure in electronic music, who certainly knows how to talk up his own game. Thankfully he backs that up with his musical choices and whilst compilation 12 is just ‘another’ tip top selection of modern club music, Body Language 9 is a mindblowing mix CD. His instalment for the Get Physical series melds on point modern electronic hits with heart-stopping cuts from various genres. Highs include King Britt’s storming remix of Josh One’s Contemplation, Hell’s own touching take on Christian Prommer’s cover of Sueño Latino and David Sylvian’s masterful Forbidden Colours. Compilation 12 still does the business as a representation of the current sound favoured by Hell and his Gigolo imprint. The likes of Soulwax’s gutsy revision of Walter Murphy’s A Fifth of Beethoven, Carl Craig’s macabre take on Hell’s U Can Dance and The brilliant Naum Garbo version of Psychonauts’ Take Control feature. Both compilations are worthy of your attention, but Body language 9 is destined to be a modern classic.

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