Monday, 19 July 2010

Ellen Allien - Dust (Bpitch Control)

Ellen Allien is a boss of a brilliant label, DJ and in recent times, a fashion designer. Her musical career began shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and to this day, her music embodies a feeling that problems can be overcome through music. Despite the fact that many major players in the electronic world have migrated to Berlin, Allien remains a leading musical light in the city. Dust features the deep reaching organic grooves and the sort of technoid clubfloor material that the Berlin chanteuse’s name has become synonymous with. It is a proper album as opposed to a collection of club tracks and the level of musicality lends Dust to home listening. The spirit lifting Our Utopie, woozy Huibuh and magical Ever are high points. This album is another impressive addition to Bpitch Control’s catalogue and a reminder that the Germans are still in musical control of Berlin, despite the foreign invasion.

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