Thursday, 29 April 2010

V/A - Moshi Moshi Singles Club Vol 2 (Moshi Moshi)

Moshi Moshi is the greeting used by people on the phone in Japan and the artists on this compilation didn’t wait to be introduced. Instead, they thrusted their brands of synth pop, jangle indie and other ‘now’ musical styles into our faces with these singles. Many of them have now gone onto bigger and better things, but this was their ‘hello’. I don’t wish to get any further acquainted with some of the acts here, but I could chat for hours with a select few. These are Kindness, who supply the calming Swinging Party, The Drums with their wonderfully retro Let’s Go Surfing and Mirrors’, responsible for the sweet Into The Heart. The only problem with today‘s breakneck paced popular culture is that you may struggle to remember who these acts are when you hear their voices next time, as another group of hopefuls will already be to be introduced.

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