Wednesday, 3 March 2010

March Singles Part 1

SCB - 20 4 (SCB)
Scuba launches his SCB project with a brilliant two tracker of techy dubbed out music. 20 4 is all sharp percussion, stormy fx and menacing bass work. 3 5 features slammed beats, moving keys and a fizzing bassline.

Mademoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia - Soldiers (Buzzin Fly)
Mademoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia’s Soldiers is a melancholic slice of pop house that would storm the charts in a perfect world. A bittersweet vocal tale sits atop saddened keys and smart percussion on the original. Ben Watt’s remixes apply cool keys and choice vocal moments, whilst The Revenge opts for grooving bass work and sweet synths.

Mike Monday - Your Body (Veryverywrongindeed)
Monday’s Your Body is so repulsive it is actually beautiful. Chattering vox, snarling bass stabs and battered beats do the work on this gruelling effort.

The Shift - On This Side (Remixes) (Blunted Funk)
Brooklyn’s The Shift get housed up by a number of players and its Courtney Nielson, one time engineer for DJ Spun, who comes up with the goods. His remix places sensuous flashes of Bora Yoon’s vocals over gorgeous pianos, smoky guitars and careful percussion.

Itokim - Follow The Light (Seventh Sign)
Japan’s Itokim puts listeners through their paces with a classy techno EP on Seventh Sign. Moonlight is a joy to the ears, courtesy of its flashlight keys and measured percussion. Sunlight scorches with the help of fizzing synths and live bass action.

Paul Brtschitsch - Doriana (Rootknox)
Doriana is an epic composition from Paul Brtschitsch that has been a staple in his live sets for a while. In original form, Doriana takes its strength from shiny keys and layered percussion, whilst John Selway provides a compressed revision. Bonus cut One Morning opts for cute pianos and knocking percussion.

Doomwork & Neuroxyde - Andromeda (100% Pure)
Doomwork & Neuroxyde may sound like they‘ve come straight out of a sci-fi novel and musically they bring us an apocalyptic effort. Day brightening keys, thumping beats and a tough bassline meet on Andromeda. DJ Madskillz & 2000 And One’s remix adds further percussive layers and gives the bass more power.

Joel Alter - Soul Clap (Sweatshop)
Swedish techno ace Joe Alter creates unapologetic dancefloor monsters. Soul Clap features a dirty bassline and clanking beats, whilst Savas Pascalidis’ remix adds more urgency. Mellan Raderna is a deep affair with smart percussion and shimmering synths.

Asusu - Togetherness (Immerse)
Despite what the name might suggest, Asusu hails from Gloucestershire and creates forward thinking electronics grooves. Togetherness is a brilliant dub inspired effort, featuring jumping percussion and mysterious bass washes.

Elle P & Iftah - Sick Liar (Souvenir)
New signings Elle P & Iftah are inevitably Berlin based, dropping twisted synthy pop on Tiefschwarz’s Souvenir imprint. Skip the title track and head straight for The Pink Panther, where odd shaped keys and calming vocals rule. Ruede Hagelstein takes it to the floor courtesy of urgent beats and lost synthetics, whilst the self remix is an off colour treat.

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