Thursday, 24 September 2009

Musical Musings Week 38

Alaine - Never Done

Modern day chantuese Alaine Laughton was born in New Jersey, but raised in Jamaica. She has the voice of an angel, blessing all manner of riddims with her love praising lyrics. The beautiful Never Done was produced by Don Corleon and released on the Don’s own imprint in 2009.

Joe Claussell - Evora

An uncompromising musical figure in what often seems like a voiceless age, Claussell lets his feelings show through his music. Sure, many of his records are rather expensive and infuriatingly difficult to get hold of, but what do you expect for the musical equivalent of fine art? His anti MP3 stance only increases the desirability of records such as this dynamic remix of Cesaria Evora’s Bia Lulucha. It’s just a shame that the scarcity of his releases means that a greater audience isn’t at least exposed to his musical message. Whether they would understand Claussell or not is an entirely different matter.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Musical Musings Week 37

A Man Called Adam - Barefoot In The Head

Despite what the name may suggest, house and balearic outfit A Man Called Adam are actually a duo consisting of Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones. They brought out some gorgeous summery songs in the early 90s, inspired by a certain white isle. Barefoot In The Head is a beautiful song where Rodgers declares utopian love over melting keys and shining synths.

Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley - One Loaf Of Bread (Something For You)

Anybody with the name Marley and the most famous heritage in reggae will always have a tough act to follow. However, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley proved that he could stand on his own two feet with the Welcome To Jamrock LP. The salvation inspiring One Loaf Of Bread, arguably his finest work to date, followed the album and married Marley’s reassuring vocals with Trevor ’Baby G’ James’ tough Gang War riddim track.

Kink - Don’t Hold Back (.dotbleep)

Kink extols us not to Hold Back, which is something the Bulgarian producer can’t be accused of doing on this brilliant EP. The title track is an evil monster with aggravating horns, battering beats and a bumpy groove. Lift It Up is all jerky beats and lost vocals, with Shockwaves going for the acid jugular.

Poirier - Run The Riddim (Ninja Tune)

The standout on this EP from Poirier is a hilarious ode to amateur photography. Poirier and MC Zulu extol the virtues of risqué shots on Gyal Secret Pictures over cool keys and smart beats.

Woon - You’re Not Alone (Tru Thoughts)

Jamie Woon graces the Tru Thoughts covers compilation with a magical downtempo version of Olive’s beautiful You’re Not Alone. Woon’s take is world away from the housefloor original, but it is just as captivating and features sharp guitars and beseeching vocals.

Bah Samba - Live In The Summer (Favouritizm)

Brighton’s Bah Samba have always favoured heatwave inspired grooves, so it should come as no surprise that they should want to exist in the sunshine forever. Live In The Summer is a gorgeous tune, with sweet keys, a smooth bass and heavenly vocals. Andy Ward adds extra bass and percussive power on his remixes, whilst Filsonik adds some cool string driven effects. Those after a more horizontal take on this cut should head for the Super Phonics mixes, where beautiful brass, live bass and kit percussion meet.

Paul Brtschitsch - Myself Part 2 (Rootknox)

Not a name that slips off the tongue easily for English speaking audiences, Brtschitsch brings us an excellent technoid outing on his own Rootknox imprint. Brtschitsch and Anja Schneider’s remix of Three Weeks is a gliding key driven number, whilst Diamant Flute holds it down courtesy of funny keys and a ghosted flute.

Speech Debelle - Spinnin’ (Big Dada)

The world should finally take notice of Ms Debelle after her Mercury Prize triumph and this single is another intimate ditty. Donae’o’s remix is the pick of the revisions, courtesy of its smiling steel drums, bass pressure and encircling vocals.

Nu Mood Orchestra - Aphrodisiac (Statra)

This beautiful gem is taken from an Anniversary EP that celebrates a decade of serene deeper grooves from NY’s Statra imprint. Aphrodisiac is a dreamy number, with loving keys, smart beats and a warm bass.

Deep Swing - Let Me Sing (Joyful) (Generate Music)

Eric Wikman shows that his LA based production outfit Deep Swing can still cut it with the most soulful, courtesy of this glorious slice of uplifting house. Eric’s Let Me Swing Mix does just that, courtesy of committed drums, smart synths and buoyant vocals. Andrew D’s FunkHouser Mix sees a thrusting bassline do the work behind effected vocals and mysterious keys.

Bent - Always (Trevor Loveys Remix) (Godlike & Electric)

Trust Trevor Loveys to give Bent the kick up the arse they deserve. Using a combination of raining keys, mind melting synths and taut beats, TL’s euphoric remix really hits home.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Hell feat. P Diddy - The DJ (Gigolo)

It’s hard to tell if R&B super producer turned club kid P Diddy is being serious or taking the piss as he talks up long versions of tracks over Hell’s macabre production on The DJ. In original form The DJ a rip-roaring dancefloor assault and here it is accompanied by some tidy remixes. Deetron puts the track into a crunchy synthed mangler, as Jay Haze shakes things up some more. Paul Woolford delivers a smashing technoid piece and Radio Slave presents a nigh on thirty minute filthy bassed epic.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Tony Senghore - Fork/Knife (Anonym)

Fork and Knife are good names for the tracks on this functional double pronged attack from Senghore. Fork is all probing synths and vocal stabs, whilst Knife is a seriously twisted effort.

Another Senghore winner...

Nick van Gelder feat. Nina Miranda - Foolish Things (BBE)

Nina Miranda has the voice of an angel and here embellishes the work of Nick van Gelder in style. Miranda’s glorious tones flow over the sweet key and flute driven grooves of Foolish Things.

Tiefschwarz - Trust (Remixes) (Souvenir)

Those Germans have put faith in a number of talented knob twiddlers to revisit Trust and the highlight comes from Audion. The Spectral Sounds don does the business with rubbery keys and a wobbly bassline.

Vicknoise - Cuba Libre

One of Factor City’s most talented sons, Barca based Vicknoise takes time out from working with Undo to fashion his own powerful grooves. Cuba Libre is all moody bass sounds, violent synths and startled beats. Also floating around in the ether are his majestic Power Edit of Amadou & Mariam’s Sabali and a gorgeous mix of Miss Kittin & The Hacker’s 1000 Dreams, which he completed with Undo.

Vicknoise - Cuba libre by FCU

Check Vicknoise's blog here

Azzido Da Bass - I Want U (Coco Machete)

Da Bass is notorious for the macabre dance tune he made a number of years ago. It was remixed by Timo Maas and then battered on clubfloors by all sorts of record spinners. He is back with a head messing effort that is heavy on the jerky beats and jarring synths. As far as the remixes are concerned, Gooseflesh takes the money with a nasty synthed up effort.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Musical Musings Week 36

This has been around for a little while, but it's got under my skin and is worth investigating.

This slice of dayglo dancepop with silly yet earnest lyrics should by rights by rubbish. Unfortunately it's not and once this ode to having it all except the one you desire is in your head, it's hard to shift. SMD originally hit the headlines with a remix of Justice, after the pair of dropped their original bandmates to become a two piece electronic twosome. Their first LP contained some nice moments and the new one is pretty cool, too.

HIB Radio Sep 09

Woon - You’re Not Alone
Alaine - Without You
Desire - If I Can’t Hold You
Roisin Murphy - Sow Into You (Bugz Remix)
Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer)
Adam F feat. MC Conrad - F Jam