Sunday, 19 April 2009

Jack Peñate - Tonight's Today (XL)

Produced by Paul Epworth aka Phones, Tonight’s Today is an unlikely summery classic, which mixes poppy lyricism with afro house production values. A shuffling percussion section and shimmering guitars meet behind Peñate's wonderfully weary vocals.

Agnès - Love Tempo (STHLM Audio)

Agnès - Love Tempo (STHLM Audio)
Swiss techno master Agnès is on superb form on this outing for his own STHLM Audio label. Love Tempo is a gorgeous techy groover, with polite percussion, levitating synths and smooth bass work. Snowhere sees hot keys and smart beats vie for attention.

Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Deborah Cox - Leave The World Behind (Axtone)

A trio of Swedish super producers and a Dutchman bring us a record destined for the pop charts as well as the dancefloor, which holds considerable pulling power due to its uplifting nature. Leave The World Behind is all pointed synths, euphoric keys and elating vocals.

Clyde - Read My Mind (M8MC)

Broken hop groover Clyde serves up another glorious ditty, but on this occasion he is out manoeuvred by the Sweden based Hearin’ Aid, who supply some wonderful deranged remixes. Crunchy beats, off the wall synths and beseeching vocals do the business on Hearin’ Aid’s typically loopy revisions.

Anthony Collins - Prism (Freak N Chic)

Prism is one of the highlights of Collins’ magnificent album on Freak N Chic, which oozes musical sophistication and dancefloor cool. The track does the business courtesy of an insistent vocal stab, smart percussion and mysterious chords. Raw Vibes, the work of Collins & Tony ’Brothers Vibe’ Rodriguez, hits with splattered keys and vox hits.

Abe Duque - Tonight Is Your Answer (Process)

Techno fiend Abe Duque divided his time between NY and Berlin when he produced this EP, which displays his skill at creating on point musical efforts and his respect for a certain leader. Tonight Is Your Answer in vocal form is an inspiring piece, whilst the instrumental still invigorates, courtesy of its ghostly bassline and driving beats. Life Is So Good To Me is another uplifting number, with rising strings, softly spoken keys and biting percussion.

Dyed Soundorom - I Care EP (Freak N Chic)

The extremely talented Dyed Soundorom is back on the case with a fun three tracker for Freak N Chic, who are based in his native Paris. The title track features a levitating keyed groove, a callous bassline and finely turned out percussion. Love Juices mixes dialogue snatches with wired synth patterns, whilst She Knows is all sombre keys and nagging vocals.

Andy Compton feat. Kafele - Above The Sky (Gogo)

It is Gogo boss Ralf Gum that turns on the magic here, giving a solo effort from Rurals main man the perfect uplift. Smart beats make their mark on Gum’s revisions, before the familiar vibraphone keys and afroid bass do their merry dance. Kafele adds his wonderment struck phrases to the vocal remix and reprise, whilst the instrumental still does the business courtesy of the hearty groove.

Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson - Juggernaught (Cocoon)

Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson open their Cocoon account with a couple of plump technoid efforts that cement their claim as major league players. Juggernaught is a mighty effort, courtesy of its slick percussion, jerky synths and a monstrous bassline. Turbo follows in a similar vein but is a demented beast with raucous synths that have the final say.

Slam - Positive Education (2009 Remixes Part 1) (Soma)

Slam’s techno classic from 1993 gets a couple of wonderful overhauls from French techy master D’Julz. He elevates the bass and injects further pace into the percussion on his excellent reworks.

Watch TV & The Lovemonk All Stars - Wild Safari (Lovemonk)

It is Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area fame’s wide eyed discoid revision of Watch TV & The Lovemonk crew’s cover of a Barrabas cut that hits the nail on the head. Bold brass, ducking and diving keys and playful percussion work wonders on Jesrani’s wonderful re-cut.

KeyBoy - Viva Blue (paperecordings)

Manchester’s much loved paperecordings has been re-activated digitally and here bring us Norwegian trio KeyBoy’s Viva Blue in remixed form. According to paper, KeyBoy actually re-formed in order to put their key jigging 2009 take on this cut, but knowing paper’s penchant for jokes and misinformation, this may not actually be true. Regardless of that, their update is lovely, as is Martin Venetjoki’s trumpeting house take and Mudd’s gorgeous guitar driven version.

Adam Port - Boogie Bass (Souvenir)

Berlin based Adam Polaszek aka Adam Port announces his arrival on Tiefschwarz’s fine Souvenir imprint with a monstrous live bass effort. It is the relentless work of the revolving bassline that gives the groovesome title track its name and dancefloor pulling power. Boogie Rewind is a self explanatory take, where the bass is indeed rewound.

Sebastian Gnewkow - Monorail (Musica Diaz Toro)

The twelfth outing on Musica Diaz Toro is a smart technoid gem from Sebastian Gnewkow. On Monorail, smart beats and fizzing keys do their thing over a steadfast bass.

Grand Pianoramax feat. Celena Glenn & Spleen - The Hook (RMXS) (Obliq Sound)

DJ Spinna is on hand to give this effort from Grand Pianoramax a tasty re-whirl. His dub is the one for me, courtesy of its laidback percussion, addictive key work and starry synths.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

HIB Radio: April 09

A Man Called Adam - Estelle
Cloud One - Dust To Dust
AGF/Delay - Connection
Jack Peñate - Tonight’s Today
Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo
Agnès - Love Tempo
Sebastian Leger - Under Gypsy Woman
The Stooges - 1969

Download here

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Rodriguez - Coming From Reality (Light In The Attic)

The poetic Detroit based singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez was transplanted to London to record his second LP in 1970 and the booklet that accompanies this CD reissue shows him having fun in the UK. As with his debut, Cold Fact, this is another folk-rock triumph from Rodriguez that still stands the test of time, with its evocative lyrics and clean musical ideals. Highlights include the resolute Climb Up On My Music, a melancholic number entitled I Think Of You and the string touched Silver Words. Coming From Reality still resonates today, nearly four decades after its original outing.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Juan MacLean - The Future Will Come (DFA)

This is a magnificent album from Juan MacLean and his band of musical helpers that mixes electronic blood and guts with good old fashioned songwriting and instrumental might. It is a ten track collection that is the ultimate collision of the dance, pop and rock worlds, featuring singalong vocals, penetrating instrumentation and grooves that demand you move your whole body, never mind your feet. Magical moments include the opening power of The Simple Life, the electro pop beauty of The Station and the anthemic Happy House. The Future Will Come is a mind-blowing long player.

Hell - Teufelswerk (International Dee Jay Gigolo)

Teufelswerk is a fitting name for this album from German DJ, producer and label boss , which in English means ‘Devil’s Work’. It is an impressive collection that is divided into two stand alone musical parts, named ‘Night‘ and ‘Day‘. The former is your typical techy Hell and Gigolo fair, whilst the latter is an intriguing take on ’Kosmische Musik’, produced alongside Peter Kruder and featuring the musical talents of Christian Prommer and Roberto Di Gioia. It is the ’Day’ disc that really stands out, with its soaring melodies and epic instrumentation. Highlights of the Day include the mind expanding magic of Germania and a pulsating number entitled The Angst. ’Night’ winners include a synth led effort entitled The Disaster and the electroid magic of Wonderland. Teufelswerk is an excellent if Hellish collection from the German bastion of electronic music.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bob James - The Very Best Of Bob James (Union Square)

Bob James is a masterful jazz composer, whose early material has been mercilessly lifted by sample hungry producers. Here, many of his finest musical pieces have been collected together to be enjoyed in their full glory. As comfortable making slick groovers as pensive numbers and glittery orchestrated episodes, James makes music easy on the ears and mind. The premier disc on this two disc set focuses on his earlier material and is the best of the pair. It features winners such as the touching Feel Like Makin’ Love and the magnificent Westchester Lady. There are still some gems on the second CD, such as the thrilling brass laced Thoroughbred and an electrifying live version of Touchdown. For those who only know James’s work as a sample source, this is a welcome education.