Thursday, 1 October 2009

V/A - Temporary Secretary (Innervisions)

With a side swipe at the disposable nature of electronic music, Berlin based Dixon of Innervisions and Wahoo fame presents an enjoyable mix compilation that will stand the test of time. Starting off with languid electronics, before gearing up to explosive clubfloor material, Dixon serves up the sort of collection that shows why he is such a well respected DJ. This is not just your ’normal’ club mix, as the Innervisions man has manipulated the tracks himself, before gluing them together. Highlights appear in the form of Icasol’s hypnotic Ongou, a blend of Ben Klock’s fine In A While and Precious System’s sweet The Voice From Planet Love and Visionquest’s slamming remix of Kiki’s Good Voodoo. Electonic smiles all around.

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