Friday, 30 October 2009

V/A - Logos 2 (Logos)

Macdonia based Logos Recordings bring us a magical compilation of technoid grooves. It features music from familiar names and upcoming production aces. Disc 1 is a relatively laidback affair, with gems such as Agore’s dreamy Like Sleeping On Clouds and Niko Marks’ beautiful Higher Conscience. Disc 2 is a slightly more intense ride, where winners include Sidearm’s jumpy Broken Link and DJ3000’s masterful remix of Tatsuya Takenaka’s Ukiyo. Logos 2 is an enjoyable listening experience.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Apse - 3.1 / The Whip (ATP)

The phenomenal US act Apse return with a dark ‘post post rock’ double A side, which suggests the sort of treats that will be found on their new album. 3.1 is a brilliant call to arms, with masked vocals, soaring guitars and heavy drums. The Whip is quicker on its feet, courtesy of rapid fire percussion, bleak yet warming instrumentation and snarling vocals.

Maik Loewen - Questions (Niveous)

Cologne based Maik Loewen debuts on his own imprint with the awesome Questions. It may be the last track on the EP, but the eerie keys and ghostly beats make it the winner by a country mile.

Spoonface feat. Janet Kay - So Good (Faada)

The ‘Black Legend’ hooks up with lovers rock Queen Janet Kay for a brilliant romantic escapade on Faada. There’s various mixes that clock in at different tempos, but the original house version is the best, courtesy of its whooshing keys, deep bass and loving vocals. Purchase it here.

Joshua Iz - Flower Sparks (Vizual)

Joshua Iz is in the driving seat again for the second excellent outing on his own Vizual imprint. The title track is a pleasurable wall of synth power, whilst Rydim Culture is a house reggae love child. Alpha & Omega flies through the air, as Tone D opts for a combination of dark bass and watery keys.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - You’ll Disappear (Gomma)

Despite the array of remixes, it is just the Munk version that hits home. Hard hitting guitars, happy piano keys and a cooler than cool bass do the trick on the Munk’s remix.

Seuil - Freak & Violence (Freak N Chic)

Paris based Seuil questions the perception of violence in America on this trippy technoid effort. Freak & Violence features a philosophical speech that produces as many questions as it does answers, over desolate keys and fractured percussion. After the deep thinking title track, its enjoyable to get Lost In The Soul Shower, where woozy keys and tough beats do the work.

Lake & Lys - La Tromba (Rising Music)

Label boss Chris Lake teams up with Lys for a powerful brass stomper in the shape of La Tromba. The original sees the magnificent brass ride a churning bassline and tough beats. Lys’ remix gets the brass under control slightly, whilst the remix from Sour Grapes cuts everything up.

Lys feat. Mooli - San Francisco Rain (Rising Music)

Despite what the title may suggest, Lys is actually from Italy and the Mooli duo, who supply the vocal and extra production, hail from Kent. San Francisco Rain sees swirling synths provide the musical precipitation, whilst Clea’s vocals provide the sun that can be glimpsed through the downpour. Chris Lake’s remix features a fatter bassline, tougher beats and less musical rain.

Nitin - Silent Scales (Osunlade Remix) (No 19)

Afro House master Osunlade shows his techy side with a floor destroying remix of Nitin’s Silent Scales. Thrusting synths, reliable beats and steady keys do the work on this powerful reinterpretation.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunset City - From Denver To Ibiza (Community Recordings)

Denver may be a long way from The Balearics, but Community boss Jon Nedza shows he understands the chilled out side of the island with this beautiful low slung effort. From Denver To Ibiza features pattering percussion, thoughtful keys and soft atmospherics. The Balearic Bass Dub lets the percussion and beats speak up.

Didier Vanelli vs. Farley Jackmaster Funk & Jesse Saunders - Love Can’t Turn Around (2009 Remixes) (Broken)

Didier Vanelli teams up with two original house pioneers, updating the classic Love Can’t Turn Around for smooth house floors. It is the Soul Power mixes that do the business, courtesy of floating keys, insistent stabs and dueted vocals.

Dan Ghenacia & Djebali - Eightball Deluxe (Freak N Chic)

Head honcho Dan Ghenacia finally gets round to releasing another effort for his own Paris based FNC imprint, assisted on this occasion by Djebali. Eightball is a mind controlling synth winner, whilst Now U Need suggests poky keys and a fat bassline are what you want.

Martin Patino - Sunrise In La Serena (Flash)

Florian Meindl ensnares Italy’s Martin Patino for a three tracker on Meindl‘s Flash imprint. The title track hits courtesy of woozy synths and insistent beats, whilst Love Message is a piano driven beauty. Valle Del Sol ends the EP with punishing key work and storming percussion.

DJ Yellow Pres. Mindz Kontrol Ultra - Mindz EP (Freerange)

France’s DJ Yellow of Yellow Productions fame teams up here with Portuguese producer Hitech2 for an intense EP on Freerange. The winner is the B Side Nar’dine with its slamming percussion, heavy bassline and masked vocals.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

HIB Radio October 09

Erlend Oye & His Band - Cool My Fire
Apse - 3.1
Mondo Grosso - Butterfly
Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know (Joey Negro Remix)
Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene
Kink - Shockwaves


V/A - Danny Krivit: 718 Sessions (Nervous)

NY’s Danny Krivit has been serving up dancefloor treats for almost an eternity on his own and during the late 90s and early 2000s as one third of Body & Soul with FK and Joe Claussell. Here pays tribute to his own 718 Sessions club night, with a collection of honeyed house and sweet disco treats. This compilation appears on the legendary Nervous imprint, which has released many a house gem since the early nineties. Winners on this collection include Kings Of Tomorrow’s gorgeous Another Day, Joaquin Joe Claussell presents The Lower East Side Pipes' magnificent Disorganized Confusion and Kim English’s buoyant Nothing’s Impossible. This is a beautiful collection of life enriching songs from a great DJ.

V/A - I Love Techno 2009: Mixed By Crookers (Lektroluv)

Italy’s Crookers say they love techno and whilst I would have a hard time describing many of these tunes actually as techno, they have come up with an excellent compilation. I Love Techno 2009 features wave after wave of tracks featuring the bass heavy sound with which they made their name. Top musical moments include Photek’s storming Glamourama, Oliver$’s elasticated remix of Jahcoozi’s Watching You and Ku Bo featuring Anbuley’s groovy Lefe. A great non techno ‘techno’ compilation.

V/A - The Lab: Steve Bug (NRK)

A true techno doyen, Bug serves up an ear pleasing two part mix for NRK’s The Lab series. Bug certainly knows his stuff when it comes to selecting tracks, reaching for the sort of cuts that grab attention, instead of creating a mix that descends into minimal boredom. CD 1 features delectable deep and dark ditties such as the Dub of Rocco’s Da Men and Nick Sole’s Simple Things. CD 2 takes things up a notch, with tougher winners such as Ben Klock’s Subzero and Cobblestone Jazz’s Traffic Jam appearing. Bug shows why he’s acknowledged as a techno gent with this exciting mix.

Joey Negro - The Many Faces Of Joey Negro Vol 2 (Z Records)

What do Z Factor, Raven Maize, the Hed Boys, Jakatta, Akabu, Doug Willis, Sessomato and Joey Negro have in common? They are all pseudonyms of a single producer, who is known for his ability to create countless floor satiating records over the years. Negro is also the powerhouse behind The Sunburst Band and here serves up an array of recent disco inspired house treats in the shape of both productions and remixes. Highlights in terms of productions include Dave Lee’s powerful Latronica and Akabu’s magical Sax My Bitch Up. In terms of remixes, a number of friends are on hand with re-takes of Negro cuts and a highlight is Jimpster’s pointed mix of Akabu’s I’m Not Afraid Of The Future. In terms of Negro’s own revisions, the winner is his gorgeous mix of Roisin Murphy’s Let Me Know. It’s not a surprise that Dave Lee is still coming up with musical gems after twenty years in the music business.

V/A - Cocoon 10 Years Ibiza (Cocoon)

Sven Vath’s Cocoon empire celebrate 10 years on the white isle with a double mix compilation headed by Deep Dish’s Dubfire and Loco Dice. Sparse techno and cutting house is the order of the day, with the pair serving up a range of treats. Dubfire’s mix is a dreamy technoid effort featuring winners such as Fritz Zander’s eerie Keep Focused and Yapacc’s Conga De Tierre. Loco Dice’s considered collection is slightly sharper, where highs include Jay Haze and Ricardo Villalobos’s Mellow Dee and Brothers’ Vibe’s strutting Revolution. Here is a cutting edge technoid masterclass from Dubfire and Loco Dice.

V/A - Shir Khan: Exploited (Exploited/GH-14)

Germany’s Jan Simon Speilberger aka Shir Khan doesn’t care much for convention or genre guidelines. He originally showed us his taste for mixing things up on 2007’s excellent Maximize compilation and continues in the same vein with this wonderful creation. Focussing on material culled from his own Exploited imprint and various other odds and ends, Shir Khan hits with all manner of spiky beats, jarring synths and smart vocals. High points include Lorenz Rhode’s spiralling Like A Player, Solo’s exuberant Afreaka and the melodious SIS Remix of Minimow’s Bollyhouse. This is another excellent convention destroying set from Mr. Speilberger.

V/A - Temporary Secretary (Innervisions)

With a side swipe at the disposable nature of electronic music, Berlin based Dixon of Innervisions and Wahoo fame presents an enjoyable mix compilation that will stand the test of time. Starting off with languid electronics, before gearing up to explosive clubfloor material, Dixon serves up the sort of collection that shows why he is such a well respected DJ. This is not just your ’normal’ club mix, as the Innervisions man has manipulated the tracks himself, before gluing them together. Highlights appear in the form of Icasol’s hypnotic Ongou, a blend of Ben Klock’s fine In A While and Precious System’s sweet The Voice From Planet Love and Visionquest’s slamming remix of Kiki’s Good Voodoo. Electonic smiles all around.

2020 Soundsystem - Falling (2020 Vision)

2020 founder Ralph Lawson is the founding father of the Leeds based Soundsystem and group. The four piece features other 2020 acts in the shape Danny ‘Dubble D’ Ward and the Argentinean duo of Fernando Pulichino and Julian Sanza aka Silver City. All established names in their own right, the Soundsystem began as a live outfit with Ward, Pulichino and Sanza jamming along to Lawson’s deck exploits on various instruments, before morphing into a full on band. This is the group’s second album, which marries guitar grooves with club sensibilites in a convincing manner. Winners include the smooth Ocean, fun Falling and bumping Psycho. The 2020 Soundsystem show how guitars, beats and basslines can work well together.

George Pringle - Salon Des Refuses (Deth To Fals Metals)

Poetress George Pringle creates evocative spoken word paintings over jagged electronic backings. Yes, some of the tracks are a little pretentious, but what do you expect from a fine arts graduate straddling the music and literary world? Pringle produced the album on her own and it features gorgeously affecting numbers such as the bitter Carte Postale, cutting Fellini For Prime Minister and blissful S.W.10. Arty electro pop with substance!

Katsen - It Hertz! (Sheffield Phonographic Corporation)

Brighton based Katsen are a duo consisting of Donna and Chris, whose love of similar records got them making their own fun sounding musical broth. Put simply, Katsen live in a world of cheap sounding synths, scintillating beats and barbed vocals. Their sound is rather alluring, a fact shown on album highlights such as the nasty Chequered Flag, repetitive Island In An Island and jerky title track. It ’hurts’ in the best possible way!