Monday, 31 August 2009

Pépé Bradock - Confiote de Bits / A Remix Collection (BBE)

Ever the idiosyncratic producer, Pépé Bradock makes and remixes music on his own terms. He is undoubtedly a musical genius, but some of his more off the wall efforts are a little too out there. However, when he gets it right, there are few that can rival Bradock. This remix compilation is a double disc affair and highs on the first include his human sound generated take on Iz & Diz’s Mouth and his satisfying ’Brad Deep’ mix of Block 16’s Morning Sun. Disc 2 winners include his twisted ’Tendre Piperade’ take on Kemetic Just’s For Your Love and his jacking ‘Paris-Bordeaux’ remix of Charles Webster’s I’m Falling. Celebrate the work of one of house music’s most talented sons with Confiote de Bits.

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