Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Glimmers - Disko Drunkards (

The Glimmers screw over the record labels and others profiteers once more by ditching the commercial release of this album in order to give it away at gigs. This one sees the duo bring forth their fuzzy broth alongside a group of likeminded kit hitters, guitar strummers, key tinklers and vocal spewers, creating the Disko Drunkards band. Linking dirty discoid grooves with post-punk rhythm sections and electronic craziness alongside an oddly fitting ’band’ set-up, the LP does the business. G features a filthy bassline, electrically charged vocals and pointed guitars, Oh Oh Oh confuses and delights in equal measures, as their Physical cover hits courtesy of scuzzy grooves and lustful vocals. Downright sleazy, yet so much fun, you yearn for a night out with the Disko Drunkards.

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