Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Various - Fuse Presents Anthony Rother (Music Man)

Fuse continue their campaign to expose the technoid public to the sort of musical treats that have been rocking their Belgian dancing expanse since 1994. This addition to the excellent Fuse presents compilation series from Anthony Rother aka Beuys von Telekraft begins with the sort of tough yet ear pleasing outings you’d expect from the man, but explores other sounds capes later. Rother’s mix is an aural assault from the word go, which combines gritty synth laden groovers with percussive bangers and soft yet intense electroid offerings. It features highs such as Leke Da Loco’s twisting Final Round, Fetisch &me’s sensuous Discotektonic and Pig & Dan’s nasty Subculture. Once again, Fuse excel with this exploration of technoid waters from Anthony Rother.

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