Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sleazy McQueen feat. Anne Montone - She Was Totally My Disco Muse EP (Moodclub Music)

Sleazy McQueen, Anne Montone and Cole Medina destroy the competition with an awe inspiring post Metro Area horizontal discoid gem. Montone supplies the sensuous vocals on Anna Due, McQueen originally put together the fuzzy bassed grooves and Medina remixed the cut to perfection. The Original Dub features lost vocals and demented synthetics, but it’s Montone’s contribution that shows how well sleaze disco can work with singing and makes Cole‘s Vocal the version to cherish.

Speech Debelle - Go Then, Bye (Big Dada)

Sarf Landahner Speech Debelle pours out her feelings in an effortless manner on the slow burning spoken winner that is Go Then, Bye. At times tugging on heartstrings and at others invoking laughter, Debelle works out her feelings over teary strings and feet dragging percussion. Photomachine and El-B reijg the cut for the dancefloor, courtesy of some crazy organ work, tight percussion and a fat bassline.

Glitterbug - Supershelter (Remixes) (C Sides)

Lawrence shows there is still light at the end of the deep house tunnel with an awesome remix of Supershelter by Glitterbug aka Till Rohmann from Cologne. Lawrence’s mix features stop and stare keys, serene strings and cool percussive shapes.

Santigold - Anne (King Britt RMX) (FiveSix)

Britt hooks up here with fellow Philadelphian Santi, aka 2008 media wetdream Santigold, giving his friend a haunting makeover. Stuttering percussion and solemn guitars sit selflessly behind Gold’s vocal acrobatics on Anne.

Download here

Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - Linda Morena (Tru Thoughts)

Currently residing in Cali, Colombia, which must be a world away from his former residence of Brighton, Quantic delivers a gorgeous Latin ode with his newfound musician friends. Plinky plonky keys, deft brass attacks and smart drums back the compliments spewing vocals.

Arthur Russell - Interpretation 2009 (Electric Minds)

Giving the musical reconstruction treatment to an avant-garde legend is never an easy task, but Yam Who and Ilija Rudman have come up with the goods here with remixes of Wax The Van. YW’s mix features a mean bass and smart percussive action, whilst jerky guitars do the business on Rudman’s version.

Peter Kruder - Visions Ltd (Gigolo)

Alongside aiding and abetting Hell on latest odyssey, Kruder has also added fuel to the Gigolo fire with his debut 12” for the label. Visions Ltd is a mind opening effort, with ghosted flutes, a dancing bassline and synth pressure.

Petter & Dairmount - Subakuatik Blues EP (Room With A View)

Dairmount is a fan of the deeper stuff, releasing material that challenges the mind as well as the behind on his own Room With A View imprint. Here, he teams up with Petter to create a storming effort in the shape of Subakuatik Blues, where deep sea diving basslines and beats with gills meet. Russ Gabriel provides the remix of choice, courtesy of jerky keys and cutting percussion.

Shonky - Roudour & Capulet (Freak N Chic)

Once again leaving the competition scratching their heads, FNC return with a magical EP from Shonky. Arena is a cool as ice keyed groover, with Carnage battering listeners into submission courtesy of well placed bass drops and lost phrases. The title track finishes the EP off nicely, courtesy of a fat bassline and a sweet groove.

Chicken Lips Present Zeefunkg - Robot Eyes (Lipservice)

The delightfully named Lipservice is a new imprint from the outfit, who launch the label with a riotous EP of wiggly grooves. Robot Eyes wobbles along, whilst Robot Lips getting caught up in its own complicated musical web. An energetic bassline and drums are the kings on Steve Kotey's edit of Feast Of Freeks.

Abyss - Hiccups (Renaissance)

Much less unpleasant than the condition that inspired the name, Abyss hits us with am addictive technoid hottie. A rhythmic hiccuper is caught between lightning quick keys and smart percussion on this cool cut.

Stardub - The Source 2009 (Lofi-Stereo)

C-Rock of Motorcitysoul fame goes solo, giving his own tidy The Source track a quick reshuffle for the end of the 00s. Gutsy percussion and a fat bassline hold their own, whilst trippy synths do their thing over the grooves.

Dub Pistols - I’m In Love (Sunday Best)

Best known as the voice of Beats International’s Dub Be Good To Me, Lindy Layton reclaims her position as a pop reggae diva with this cover version of the glorious I’m In Love. Ably assisted by Rodney P, whose gruff rap gives this sugary hit a real Brit hop feel, Layton declares her feelings over the Pistols’ bouncy backing. You can find it on the Pistols' new Rum & Coke LP on Sunday Best.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Various - Dirty French Psychedelics (dirty)

The scene is France of the early to mid 1970s, which was a time of upheaval and expensive oil. The music of Dirty French Psychedelics is a sensuous mix of psychey instrumental flourishes and poppity vocals. This beguiling disc is the work of Paris’s much admired dirty crew, who are known for their flair when it comes to picking music for their Diamonds, Edits and Space Disco. Winners here include Nino Ferrer’s awesome Looking For You, Christophe’s dramatic Sunny Road To Salina and Karl Heinz Schaefer & Arabian’s string driven Utopia. dirty have done themselves proud with this brilliant collection from an inventive musical period.

Various - Milky Disco 2: Let’s Freak Out (Lo)

Spread over two CDs, this second collection of spaced out discoid treats features wide eyed efforts from established cosmic crusaders and lesser known talents. It is a compilation where fuzzy melodies, lost vocals and serene instruments dominate, with producers’ creating weird and wonderful musical shapes that differ from one another, but share a common bond. Part One features beauties like Gatto Fritto’s dreamy Hungry Ghosts and Lukas Nystrand & The Ageema Blues’ crazy Knivar. Part Two gems include Nite Jewel’s sloath paced What Did He Say and Milky Globe/Sorcerer’s touching Soft Sea. Here, Lo serve up another dish of surreal listening pleasure.

Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - II (Eskimo)

True Scando musical legends in their own right, Lindstrøm and PT meet once more for a second instalment of sun-kissed musical dreams. Lindstrøm brings his magical instrument playing ability to the table, whilst PT brings his legendary remix and dancefloor filling skills. Together, they offer thoughtful musical moments that groove along so nicely they almost purr, yet still fill the listener with a sense of mind expansion and musical awe. Cisco is a twangy affair, whilst Skal Vi Prøve Nå? positively shimmers and Note I Love You + 100 has the ability to melt heart. II can be used as a musical meditation device and is best served in full.

School Of Seven Bells - Alpinism (Ghostly)

Headed by the identical twin sibling partnership of Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, with the rear brought up by Benjamin Curtis, this NY trio make intriguing musical ditties that borrow from countless musical trains of thought. Guitars, electronics and heartening vocals colour the musical hue offered by an outfit named after ‘a mythical South American pickpocket academy’. It is fair to say that their concoctions can be droney or melodic and often occupy a land between the two. Album winners include the chiming Iamundernodisguise, flying Half Asleep and gutsy White Elephant Coat. Step inside the absorbing world of the Seven Bells.

Paul Bryan - Listen Of (Sonar Kollektiv)

The year was 1973 and blind Brazilian musician Sérgio Sá aka Paul Bryan released an album of beautifully psychey and folkied pop songs penned in English on Tip Tape Records. Listen Of featured string arrangements to make you swoon, touching key work and sweet guitars topped with heartfelt vocals. It was a lovely album, which demands repeat listens. Fast forward to the present day and Jazzanova have chosen to make the album available once more, after one of the clan discovered it in a Berlin record shop. However, unlike the majority of reissues by professional record hunters, this was not an obscure release in the 70s, as it grossed over 150,000 on its original outing in Brazil and led to Sá working with the cream of his fellow countrymen and also Stevie Wonder. Musical highlights include the gorgeous opener entitled Listen, a string blessed number called Thais and the questioning Who To Blame. This is still a heartening album, more than thirty five years after its original outing.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me? (Dôme)

Tortured Soul made their name as a ‘live house’ group, ditching the samplers, automated synths and programmed percussion for songwriting and real instrumentation in the form of keys, bass and drums. Formed in 2000, the group may be rooted in club culture, but their musicianship, hot live shows and songwriting ability gives them much broader appeal than many of their clubbing contemporaries. Here, they bring us their second LP, which dips its toes in various musical waters. It features choice moments such as the relieved Home To You, a matter of fact number entitled Another Lover and the fizzing guitar goo of Special Lady. Did You Miss Me? Is much more than just a ‘live house’ album.

Various - Fuse Presents Anthony Rother (Music Man)

Fuse continue their campaign to expose the technoid public to the sort of musical treats that have been rocking their Belgian dancing expanse since 1994. This addition to the excellent Fuse presents compilation series from Anthony Rother aka Beuys von Telekraft begins with the sort of tough yet ear pleasing outings you’d expect from the man, but explores other sounds capes later. Rother’s mix is an aural assault from the word go, which combines gritty synth laden groovers with percussive bangers and soft yet intense electroid offerings. It features highs such as Leke Da Loco’s twisting Final Round, Fetisch &me’s sensuous Discotektonic and Pig & Dan’s nasty Subculture. Once again, Fuse excel with this exploration of technoid waters from Anthony Rother.

Various - Time Warp Compilation 2009: Mixed By Marco Carola (Time Warp)

Neapolitan techno producer and spinner Marco Carola brings us a twin CD outing that celebrates 15 years of Time Warp parties in Mannheim. Joining a celebrated list of spinners that have graced this compilation series, Carola presents two musically rich technoid discs. Number one, the ’Hotel Session’ grooves along nicely before starting to hit harder at the end and features choice cuts such as Robert Dietz’s cool Fym and Damian Schwarz’s gorgeous 20. Number two, the ’Night Session’ continues to increase the intensity, exposing listeners to efforts such as Josh Wink’s powerful Everybody To The Sun and Audio Dependant’s thumping Toenail. Carola serves up a choice two hour technoid excursion.

Losoul - Care (Playhouse)

Losoul will make you care with this long player, which mixes offbeat efforts that turn your legs to jelly with inch perfect dancefloor stormers. This is infact the third album from Peter Kremeier aka Losoul and from a casual listen, you can tell that Kremeier has been producing music for a longtime and knows the ins and outs of technoid music. Musically worried yet also bringing so much hope to the table, Care is as much about being cared for as actually doing the caring. Slightly is a demented brass driven opener, with The Crush rising courtesy of its buoyant bass work and Sunlite blending probing key work with smart beats. Affectionate from start to finish, Care is a longplayer that demands back the love that it gives.

Kiki - Kaiku (Bpitch Control)

Kiki’s album is entitled Kaiku, which means echo in Finnish. The Berlin based Finn uses the echo and other sound effects in a masterful manner, in order to enhance the mood on this excellent technoid album. Utilising pointed percussive motifs, an arsenal of electronic sounds from the past, present and future, and the occasional vocal, Kaiku thrills on various levels. Winners include the string laced Autumn Leaves, a dizzyfying number entitled No Words Necessary and the apocalyptic Living On FFWD. Kaiku is a technoid treat that will reverberate in your mind like a satisfying musical echo.