Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hell - Teufelswerk (International Dee Jay Gigolo)

Teufelswerk is a fitting name for this album from German DJ, producer and label boss , which in English means ‘Devil’s Work’. It is an impressive collection that is divided into two stand alone musical parts, named ‘Night‘ and ‘Day‘. The former is your typical techy Hell and Gigolo fair, whilst the latter is an intriguing take on ’Kosmische Musik’, produced alongside Peter Kruder and featuring the musical talents of Christian Prommer and Roberto Di Gioia. It is the ’Day’ disc that really stands out, with its soaring melodies and epic instrumentation. Highlights of the Day include the mind expanding magic of Germania and a pulsating number entitled The Angst. ’Night’ winners include a synth led effort entitled The Disaster and the electroid magic of Wonderland. Teufelswerk is an excellent if Hellish collection from the German bastion of electronic music.

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