Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Various - Dimitri From Paris Presents Nightdubbin’ Mixed by The Idjut Boys (BBE)

The Idjuts and Dimitri From Paris are disco lovers and fans of the ‘Dub’, ie the mix that eschews full vocals in favour of shards, whilst mixing up the music in a manner often more interesting than on the standard vocal mix. Loosely based on the techniques pioneered by Jamaican producers way back when, this Dubbin’ selection focuses on heavily Fxed, echoed and respun grooves of the 80s discoid variety. Winners include the sweet Dub of Sandy Kerr’s Thug Rock, the awesome Special Remix of Serious Intention‘s You Don‘t Know and Wuf Ticket‘s hazy The Key (Dub). The Idjuts bring us a mixed CD of the gems on offer here, whilst Dimitri presents the tracks in their unmixed glory on two more CDs, giving listeners an expansive three disc set.


keeptheflow said...

This mix has gotta be amazing.

I've got Idjut tracks on just about all of my mixes.....

If you dig the idjut boys, check out "Back" and "LoveMusic mixes I did. They are downtempo-dubbed-out-supersoul-rare-groove-discofied-super-sonic adventures that teases its way into leftfield house but never settles anywhere near standard house music.


Enjoy :)

Eric Rosen

HIB said...

Thanks Eric.

Link should read...


keeptheflow said...

You're the man

it was late last night when i posted