Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tortured Soul - Home To You (Remixes Parts 1 & 2) (TSTC)

‘Live’ house three piece Tortured Soul kick off their own imprint with two instalments of mixes of a loving ditty from the outfit. The first package features the original versions, which draw on the group’s love of purring instrumentation, slick production and proper songs. Arguably, the finest revisions in this sets come from Quentin Harris, who brings two mixes with beautiful key work and scintillating synths. As far as remixes are concerned, the second package wins, with stellar displays from Tom Moulton, Domu and Piranhahead. Moulton’s mix is an understated beauty, Domu supplies a wonderful pointed percussion driven version and Piranhahead goes for a groovy synth trip.

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