Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Stimming - Reflections (Diynamic)

Martin Stimming hails from Giessen in Germany and makes intricate techno compositions, which reflect his skill at sound manipulation that was honed during an engineering course in Hamburg. Another reason for Stimming’s talent may be the fact that he is also a talented musician, who mastered the violin, piano and drums at an early age. There are many producers dabbling in similar musical waters, but what sets Stimming apart is his use of only the finest sounds and the way he creates amazing grooves from seemingly nothing. Reflections is his debut album, where winners include the jumpy After Eight, a warbling bass number called Fruits Of Life and The Beauty, which is a startling techy opus. Technically awe inspiring and still fun for home listening and dancing pursuits, this is a great debut from Martin Stimming.

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