Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Shinichi Osawa - The One (Southern Fried)

Formerly leader of the divine Mondo Grosso, Japanese bassist and electronic don Shinichi Osawa gives us his take on the whole synth driven dance sound. It is as closer to indie, punk funk and the whole electroclash sound, than it is to anything resembling Osawa’s house and jazzy dalliances with Mondo Grosso. In the main part, the album is an abrasive musical affair, full of jagged synth lines, pump action beats and strong vocals, with the occasional lull. Despite not sounding a million miles away from the hundreds of other synth happy electronic producers, Osawa outsmarts them with his production skills and love of melody. Highlights include lead cut Star Guitar, a chilled number called The Patch and the guitar driven frenzy of Last Days. Full of energy and musical exuberance, this is a powerful album from Osawa.

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