Monday, 30 March 2009

Boxcutter - Arecibo Message (Planet Mu)

Arecibo is a city in Northern Puerto Rico, but the ‘Arecibo Message’ was a communication from earth to space, related to the Arecibo telescope, launched in the mid 70s. What this has directly to do with Irishman Barry Lynn aka Boxcutter’s LP of the same name on Planet Mu is perhaps not obvious, but naming the album after the telescope shows his desire to explore undiscovered musical terrain. Boxcutter achieves this by creating compositions that borrow and steal from all types of musical creeds in order to create a sound of his own, which references everything from modern electronica and thinking man’s dubstep to rave, hip hop beats and skippy garage. Personal favourites include the jungle step magic of Sidetrak, the pointed Arcadia 202 and the delightful closer, named A Cosmic Parent. ‘Out there’ yet still making musical sense, Boxcutter extols the virtues of being inventive.

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