Monday, 16 February 2009

Roy Davis Jr - I Have A Vision (Remixes) (Nice & Smooth)

Famous for the miraculous Peven Everett assisted Gabriel, Roy Davis Jr. is a Chicago house head with an impressive pedigree. This outing from the man features vocals from Erin Martin and it has been retooled by three modern dance floor masters. French big cheese Fred Falke heads straight for the floor, courtesy of a throbbing bassline and fuzzied synths. DFA artist Juan MaClean sends Davis Jr in a different direction, courtesy of bright eyed key work, looped vocal hits and a bumping bassline. Legendary New Jersey garage head Todd Edwards supplies a couple of trademark mixes, which really couldn’t be the work of any other producer. His usual combination of vocoders, skippy keys and jumped up percussion works rather well with elements of Roy’s original instrumentation and Erin‘s vocals.

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