Sunday, 4 January 2009

Deadmau5 - At Play (Play Records)

Deadmau5 aka Canada’s Joel Zimmerman hails from Niagara Falls, which may explain why his music flows effortlessly. Zimmerman has made it big with his synth driven electroid sound and this compilation draws together a number of cuts displaying distinctive Deadmau5 sound, previously unreleased on CD. His cuts are simple yet undeniably effective in terms of clubfloor potency and it is no surprise that he has gained commercial dance acclaim with his work. Whilst a number of the tracks on here feature annoying gimmicky vocals and obtuse sounds, there are other such as the striding Vanishing Point, melodious Faxing Berlin, and thumping Turning Point, which are great and show Deadmau5‘s undeniable ability as a producer. This compilation is an excellent Deadmau5 primer, showing why he has gained so many glittering appraisals.

Jon Freer

Check out Turning Point here.

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