Sunday, 4 January 2009

Circle Research - Who? (Melting Pot Music)

After Doing Right for a while, Toronto twosome Circle Research move to Melting Pot and bring us a marathon thirty seven track album. Admittedly this is one of those mixtape type hip hop albums like Jay Dilla's Donuts and so the tracks last between one and two minutes. This a diversion from Circle Research's previous Mulligan Stew album, which was a side splittingly funny effort that featured a raft of guest MCs. Who? is an instrumental album and impresses due the group's incisive wit and ability to create musical grooves from all types of sample sources. Don't miss fleeting efforts such as the jubilant Oh Snap!, the PPP styled Confessions, a powerfully sweet sub-twenty second ditty entitled After Hours and Interlude (#1, #2 and #3) which is a chopped phone conversation that sees the group attempt to garner financial support from a rather unlikely benefactor. Brimming over with impressive scratches, samples and vocal lines, this album is great for those with short attention spans and those who like their music diced. Lets hope Circle Research loop up some of these great ideas to create longer tracks and a new full album!

Jon Freer

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