Tuesday, 16 December 2008

V/A - Deep Sensation II: Mixed By Nick Harris (NRK)

Web: http://www.nrkmusic.com
NRK are still championing proper deep house music in various forms after more than a decade in the business and label boss Nick Harris has not lost his ear for spotting a tasty musical treat. This compilation sees him sum up NRK’s 2008 with a double disc set. Deep Sensation II features technoid stormers, glorious vocal efforts and cool jazzied favourites. Winners include the magical Wahoo touch up of Nick Holder’s Time, Charles Webster’s nasty Acid mix of Nu Frequency’s Go That Deep and the cool Shur-I-Kan mix of Osborne’s delightful Ruling. 12 years after their inception, NRK Sound Division are still pushing the best in deeper and techier leaning house music.

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