Sunday, 9 November 2008

V/A - Fuse Presents Deetron (Music Man)

Sam Geiser aka Deetron brings us a blistering mix of house and techno for the Belgian Fuse club that hits hard and at the same time manages to delve deeper than many of his peers. Swiss born Geiser may be better known as a producer than a DJ, but this mix proves that he knows how to select the tracks too, providing captivating efforts from the past and present. Everyone’s a winner, but special treats include the stringtastic Jackie Idjut mix of Kenneth Bager feat. Jean Luc Ponty and Nikolaj Grandjean’s Fragment Four…Love Won’t Leave Me Alone, Trus’me’s hot W.A.R. Dub and Redshape’s unstoppable Warrior. House and techno DJ mix driven compilations are ten a penny and the internet is awash with sets to download, but Fuse Presents Deetron is a cut above the rest in terms of commercially available mixes and it demands your attention.


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