Sunday, 9 November 2008

V/A - Dr. Lektroluv: Live Recorded At Pukkelpop 2008 (Lektroluv)

Lektroluv paints himself green and often spins electronic grooves ranging from angular clashing cuts to jerky housers, punky hitters and thumping technoid efforts in a lab coat or a suit. However, Lektro isn’t a comic figure or a gimmicky spinner; under the makeup is a Belgian record label manager, with two decades of experience behind the decks. Lektroluv definitely knows what he is doing, mixing up various electronic styles on this CD, which was recorded at the delightfully named Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. Winners include Machines Don’t Care’s bleepy Beat Bang, John Acquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto’s fizzing synthed Sofa King and The Crookers irresistible remix of Kid Cudi’s Day ’N’ Nite. At a time when many producers are so making dull as dishwatwater synth driven electronic grooves, it’s good to hear a mix that features an array of sparkling cuts.


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