Sunday, 23 November 2008

V/A - Big Freeze Vol 3: Mixed by Chris Coco (Platipus)

Chris Coco is a big daddy in the world of ‘chill out’ and this compilation for Platipus proves that he knows how to select gorgeous slovenly cuts and blend them together. Coco is a producer with a long discography, but his real talents lie with his ability to select seemingly incompatible musical material produced by his peers and get it to function together. At times his selections strays from ’conventional’ chill out, but this is exactly why Coco has such a talent at selecting music for mixed compilations. The Big Freeze Vol 3 is spread over two discs, but it is the first disc that is the one to write home about, as it features eleven amazing beautiful compositions and no sleep inducing fodder. Winners include Glass Candy’s tender cover of Computer Love, Aeroplane’s golden keyed Caramellas and Quiet Village’s life changing Pillow Talk. Yes, there are some cool moments on the second disc, but this compilation is worth purchasing for the content on disc 1. Enjoy freezing with Coco!

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