Sunday, 9 November 2008

V/A - Armand Van Helden: New York: A Mix Odyssey Two (Southern Fried)

AVH has never hidden his love for Hip Hop, so it’s natural that this second mix odyssey is heavy on the bboy flavours and 80s electro, alongside housier cuts and tracks that blur genre lines. New York: A Mix Odyssey Two is a twenty eight track ride inspired by the city where he resides and it doubles as a musical history lesson, as well a compilation that can rock speakers. Old school rappers rub shoulders with acid house pioneers, scratched and cut up alongside Van Helden’s own grooves. The mix moves at a frightening pace and features notable efforts such as Debbie Malone’s pianotastic Rescue Me, Fast Eddie’s poetic Acid Thunder and the ace Turn Up The Bass from Tyree and Kool Rock Steady. Rave, hip hop, acid house and electro fun from AVH!


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