Sunday, 9 November 2008

Mirror Music - The Strange Things I’ll Remember (Darkroom Dubs)

Mirror Music may have been a recent Soma signing, but don’t let the name make you think that they are actually new to the game or even the label. Mirror Music is Graeme Reedie of Silicone Soul and engineer par excellence Dave Donaldson, who has been on hand to fine tune recent SS albums and has scored various Hollywood films in his spare time. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they know how to create wonderfully musical and commanding house grooves. The album is an agreeable listen from start to finish and highs include the intergalactic funkout of the title track, pondering piano work of Galactic and string led mayhem of Fun. Away from the machine funk and artificial grooves of many house and techno producers, Mirror Music make wholesome grooves with cinematic soundscapes and instrumental flourishes.


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