Sunday, 9 November 2008

Black Science Orchestra - Walter’s Room (Junior Boys Own)

British house and fuzzy disco institution BSO are dragged into the 00s, with the re-release of 1996‘s Walter‘s Room on the recently re-activated JBO. For the uninitiated, BSO weren’t a conventional orchestra, but a production guise of Marc Woolford, Uschi Classen and a certain Ashley Beedle. Somewhat unlikely, JBO is back under the guidance and presumably distribution channels of big house cheese Defected, which means maximum exposure and publicity. Nevermind the politics of it all, Walter‘s Room is a corker of an album that reminds me of a time when there were a host of British labels releasing amazing music on vinyl (nu brit house anyone?) and deep house wasn‘t a dirty phrase. A few of the tracks sound a little old in the tooth, but most have stood the test of time better than other offerings from the same period. The album is worthy of purchase for the synth rocket that is New Jersey Deep alone, never mind the cool grooves of the murky Bless The Darkness uplifting Where Were You? and countless others. Revel in the bygone house and discoid goodness of the BSO, with a re-release that sounds hot today and reminds you of the golden period of UK house music.


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