Sunday, 23 November 2008

Beat Pharmacy - Wikkid Times (Deep Space Media)

Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy brings us an album of dubno, which is to say an album where dubby soundscapes and toasted lyrics meet the uplift and mesmeric qualities of deeper technoid grooves. It is an awe inspiring collection of music, which sees a number of MCs stop by to lend their lyrics to Moeller’s powerful grooves. Songs of frustration, protest and injustice sit alongside the most beautiful of love odes, on this LP of dubno and dubby electronica, released via the Deep Space Media offshoot of Wave Music. Key cuts include the barbed Rooftops featuring Coppa, the monstrous Paul St. Hilaire vocalised Sunshine and the dreamy Hope & Frustration, where Ras B supplies the vocals. This is a remarkable album from Brendon Moeller and his cast of lyrical providers.


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