Sunday, 23 November 2008

Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom (Rotters Golf Club)

The Boardroom is home to engineer Steve Boardman and his merry band of musical men. The other members are all producers and spinners of note and here they contribute cuts and remixes best described as technoid and moody electronic goodness. The other cuts and remixes on this comp are from the legendary Andrew Weatherall, either alone or under the Two Lone Swordsmen guise. As expected, the quality of the music involved is high, with cuts of note including Radical Majik’s hypnotic Spread The Hot Potato, Weatherall’s thoughtful guitar driven overhaul of E.S.C.’s The Legacy and E.S.C.’s own bass heavy take on Two Lone Swordsmen’s Shack 54. Weatherall and friends deliver the goods here, on this comp that has my ears itching to hear Sir Andrew’s forthcoming solo album.


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