Monday, 24 November 2008

HIB Radio: Autumn 08 Album Selection #3

Listen to a mixed selection of tracks from the recent albums & compilation's I've reviewed. All the tracks have received the JF sound fx treatment and each has been edited for HIB Radio...

Autumn 08 Album Selection #3

Jamie Woon - Robots
from V/A - Broadcasting: Karen P (Sonar Kollektiv)
Ketsa - The Spaarn
from Ketsa - Aquarius Unfolds (End Daze)
Distance - Out Of Mind
from Distance - Repercussions (Planet Mu)
Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - How To Find Royal Jelly
from Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - Guaranteed Niceness (Sonar Kollektiv)
ESC - The Legacy (Weatherall Mix)
from Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom (Rotters Golf Club)
Aeroplane - Caramellas
from V/A - Big Freeze Vol 3: Mixed by Chris Coco (Platipus)
Beat Pharmacy feat. Ras B - Hope & Frustration
from Beat Pharmacy - Wikkid Times (Deep Space Media)
Phantom Power - A Dollar & A Dream
from Phantom Power - Patterns (Clicktracks)
Extrawelt - Dark Side of My Room
from Extrawelt - Schöne Neue Extrawelt (Cocoon)
Rejected - Let’s Go Juno (District One Remix)
from V/A - No Nonsense Mixed by Michel de Hey (Hey!)

Download the radio show here

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

V/A - Big Freeze Vol 3: Mixed by Chris Coco (Platipus)

Chris Coco is a big daddy in the world of ‘chill out’ and this compilation for Platipus proves that he knows how to select gorgeous slovenly cuts and blend them together. Coco is a producer with a long discography, but his real talents lie with his ability to select seemingly incompatible musical material produced by his peers and get it to function together. At times his selections strays from ’conventional’ chill out, but this is exactly why Coco has such a talent at selecting music for mixed compilations. The Big Freeze Vol 3 is spread over two discs, but it is the first disc that is the one to write home about, as it features eleven amazing beautiful compositions and no sleep inducing fodder. Winners include Glass Candy’s tender cover of Computer Love, Aeroplane’s golden keyed Caramellas and Quiet Village’s life changing Pillow Talk. Yes, there are some cool moments on the second disc, but this compilation is worth purchasing for the content on disc 1. Enjoy freezing with Coco!

Beat Pharmacy - Wikkid Times (Deep Space Media)

Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy brings us an album of dubno, which is to say an album where dubby soundscapes and toasted lyrics meet the uplift and mesmeric qualities of deeper technoid grooves. It is an awe inspiring collection of music, which sees a number of MCs stop by to lend their lyrics to Moeller’s powerful grooves. Songs of frustration, protest and injustice sit alongside the most beautiful of love odes, on this LP of dubno and dubby electronica, released via the Deep Space Media offshoot of Wave Music. Key cuts include the barbed Rooftops featuring Coppa, the monstrous Paul St. Hilaire vocalised Sunshine and the dreamy Hope & Frustration, where Ras B supplies the vocals. This is a remarkable album from Brendon Moeller and his cast of lyrical providers.


V/A - No Nonsense Mixed by Michel de Hey (Hey!)

Based in The Netherlands, Michel de Hey has been creating powerful productions and thrilling dancefloors from behind the decks for over two decades. A pusher of exciting technoid material through his own labels and a variety of other outlets, de Hey knows great club music when he hears it and this mix CD is packed full of ear pleasing gems, road tested during his gigs across the globe. No Nonsense has been put together expertly, with each track sounding like it was meant to follow the one that precedes it and the intensity of the music increases throughout the mix. Highlights include the hypnotic beauty of Rauwkost’s A New Era Of Love, Daso & Pawas’s wonderfully melodic Det and the twisted synth mayhem of District One’s remix of Rejected’s Let’s Go Juno. This is the sort of mix that reminds you why a night on your favourite dancefloor, driven by club music as exciting as this can be so enjoyable.


Phantom Power - Patterns (Clicktracks)

Best known for his role as François K’s engineer and as a producer of techy material, it is fitting that Rob Rives drops his debut LP of Phantom Power material on Clicktracks, the techno imprint that is part of FK’s mighty Wave family. Patterns sums up the musical content pretty well, with synths, keys and drum lines painting the pretty musical pictures. It is a clubfloor album at the end of the day and features notable floor movers such as the trippy Space In Your Face, a punishing number entitled Acid Über Alles and the rolling A Dollar & A Dream (Mix 1 & 2 edit). This techy album packs a considerable of punch, due to Rives’s skill at creating Patterns and his Phantom Powers in the studio.


Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom (Rotters Golf Club)

The Boardroom is home to engineer Steve Boardman and his merry band of musical men. The other members are all producers and spinners of note and here they contribute cuts and remixes best described as technoid and moody electronic goodness. The other cuts and remixes on this comp are from the legendary Andrew Weatherall, either alone or under the Two Lone Swordsmen guise. As expected, the quality of the music involved is high, with cuts of note including Radical Majik’s hypnotic Spread The Hot Potato, Weatherall’s thoughtful guitar driven overhaul of E.S.C.’s The Legacy and E.S.C.’s own bass heavy take on Two Lone Swordsmen’s Shack 54. Weatherall and friends deliver the goods here, on this comp that has my ears itching to hear Sir Andrew’s forthcoming solo album.


Ketsa - Aquarius Unfolds (End Daze)

Equally competent pushing techno and downbeat, Ketsa aka Shaolin brings us an album of slovenly grooves on End Daze, which happens to be his own imprint. Coarse beats line up alongside scrunched up samples and repetitive grooves, with Ketsa creating weird but tasty cuts. Winners on this album include the piano laced The Spaarn, energetic Soulwreck and feet dragging Mindlapse. For downbeat compositions with bite, enter the world of Ketsa.


Distance - Repercussions (Planet Mu)

I can’t help feeling that the majority of dubstep just sounds like heavily sedated drum’n’bass, but without the excitement or intense power. That said, there are producers like Distance aka Greg Sanders, who create the sort of compositions that show there is much more to the genre than pseudo D&B. Repercussions is at times a brutal album, where the bass reigns supreme, but the other musical elements play a vital role. These elements help to create the dark soundscapes and moody vibes that give the album its ultimate strength. High points include the eastern tinged Out Of Mind, the serene Loosen My Grip and the jumpy Sending Chills. This is a dark yet rewarding journey.


Extrawelt - Schöne Neue Extrawelt (Cocoon)

It is always worth keeping abreast of musical developments taking place on Sven Vath’s Cocoon imprint, as the label puts out some excellent technoid efforts. Here, they bring us a cool artist album from Hamburg’s Extrawelt aka Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe. Techno is their musical focus and the duo deliver a collection of thinking man’s electronic grooves, which touch the mind and soul, as well as the feet. Dark Side of My Room is a dreamy groover, whilst Wolkenbruch is a rotating musical mess in the best possible way and Daten Raten sees a toxic bassline work wonders. Functional technoid grooves for front room and dancefloor.


Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - Guaranteed Niceness (Sonar Kollektiv)

Fifteen musicians from the extended Sonar stable have hooked up here in order to re-cover SK musical shapes in an organic manner. Real kits have replaced drum machines, live strings replaced artificial ones and singing talents revocalised a range of material from the huge SK catalogue. Voker Meitz has acted as band leader, helping to create endearing takes on cuts such as the loveable (I Got) Somebody New, the gorgeous Africa and even the wobbly How To Find Royal Jelly. ‘Orchestra’ type covers of electronic efforts can be very hit and miss, but this collection is enjoyable, due to musicality and grooviness of the original compositions.


V/A - Broadcasting: Karen P (Sonar Kollektiv)

Considering the fact that Karen Pearson has broadcasted with the best of them, via the Red Bull Music Academy web radio station and through her work as Gilles Peterson’s producer, she was a logical choice to submit a tome for this series. Her collection features sweet folky and soulful cuts alongside dance floor bothering electronic fair with fat basslines. Some of the tracks are a little twee and lack charisma, but there are winners like Morning Voices’ bonkers Pikku Myyn laula (Lila Mys visa), the heartfelt folk hop of Woon’s Robots and the searing strength of Rene Costy’s Scrabble. I would have expected this collection to be a little more diverse, considering Karen P’s musical background, but Broadcasting is a nice relaxing listen.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

HIB Radio: Autumn LPs 08 Selection #2

Listen to a mixed selection of tracks from the recent albums & compilation's I've reviewed. All the tracks have received the JF sound fx treatment and each has been edited for HIB Radio....

Sambistas feat. Elza Soares - Minhas Madrugadas
from Sambistas - Sambistas (Sambistas)
Re:Jazz - Torch Of Freedom (Frost & Wagner Remix)
from Frost & Wagner - Remixes (Sonar Kollektiv/Best Seven)
Windsurf - Light As Daylight
from Windsurf - Coastlines (Internasjonal)
Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep
from Black Science Orchestra - Walter’s Room (Junior Boys Own)
Hardrive - Deepinside
from V/A - Housemasters: Louie Vega (Defected)
Salome de Bahia - Outra Lugar
from V/A - Housemasters: Bob Sinclar (Defected)
Clarisse Muvemba - Time Is Now
from V/A - Music & Food (Heya Hifi)
Mirror Music - Gateway
from Mirror Music - The Strange Things I’ll Remember (Darkroom Dubs)
Kenneth Bager feat. Jean Luc Ponty and Nikolaj Grand jean - Fragment Four…Love Won’t Leave Me Alone (Jackie Idjut Remix)
from V/A - Fuse Presents Deetron (Music Man)
Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder
from V/A - Armand Van Helden: New York: A Mix Odyssey Two (Southern Fried)
Kid Cudi - Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)
from V/A - Dr. Lektroluv: Live Recorded At Pukkelpop 2008 (Lektroluv)

If you like the music, please buy the albums!!!

V/A - Music & Food (Heya Hifi)

Home to the always on the pulse Sumo outfit, Heya Hifi bring us a ’story so far’ label compilation, which is accompanied by a recipe book. Music & Food features tasty musical treats from the quartet of artists on the roster, alongside remixes and recipes from respected producers and DJs. A number of the recipes sound mouthwatering, whilst musical delicacies include Sumo’s imploring Lovebeat, Florain Kruse’s lazy Let Us Say Yeah and Clarisse Muvemba’s moment seizing Time Is Now. Heya Hifi have released some exceptional cuts in the last few years and the majority of them can be found on this compilation that excites the ears and tastebuds.


Windsurf - Coastlines (Internasjonal)

Solo, Daniel Judd and Sam Grawe make gorgeous stargazing compositions as Sorcerer and Hatchback respectively, so it comes as no surprise that they make beautiful music together as Windsurf. Based in San Fran, the duo create scorched musical landscapes consisting of smouldering guitars, burning synths and pattering percussion. Inspired by a whole host of musical acts, films and places, Coastlines drifts slowly into your mind and lodges itself there, with a couple of tracks coming across like a heavily sedated Metro Area. The album shows you the strength of well put together balearica and downbeat, with winners including the funky Light As Daylight, trippy Pocket Check and bassy White Soweto. A wonderful horizontal listening experience!


V/A - Fuse Presents Deetron (Music Man)

Sam Geiser aka Deetron brings us a blistering mix of house and techno for the Belgian Fuse club that hits hard and at the same time manages to delve deeper than many of his peers. Swiss born Geiser may be better known as a producer than a DJ, but this mix proves that he knows how to select the tracks too, providing captivating efforts from the past and present. Everyone’s a winner, but special treats include the stringtastic Jackie Idjut mix of Kenneth Bager feat. Jean Luc Ponty and Nikolaj Grandjean’s Fragment Four…Love Won’t Leave Me Alone, Trus’me’s hot W.A.R. Dub and Redshape’s unstoppable Warrior. House and techno DJ mix driven compilations are ten a penny and the internet is awash with sets to download, but Fuse Presents Deetron is a cut above the rest in terms of commercially available mixes and it demands your attention.


V/A - Armand Van Helden: New York: A Mix Odyssey Two (Southern Fried)

AVH has never hidden his love for Hip Hop, so it’s natural that this second mix odyssey is heavy on the bboy flavours and 80s electro, alongside housier cuts and tracks that blur genre lines. New York: A Mix Odyssey Two is a twenty eight track ride inspired by the city where he resides and it doubles as a musical history lesson, as well a compilation that can rock speakers. Old school rappers rub shoulders with acid house pioneers, scratched and cut up alongside Van Helden’s own grooves. The mix moves at a frightening pace and features notable efforts such as Debbie Malone’s pianotastic Rescue Me, Fast Eddie’s poetic Acid Thunder and the ace Turn Up The Bass from Tyree and Kool Rock Steady. Rave, hip hop, acid house and electro fun from AVH!


V/A - Housemasters (Defected)

V/A - Housemasters: Louie Vega (Defected)
V/A - Housemasters: Bob Sinclar (Defected)
Defected launch into a new compilation series, this one celebrating the production talents of house heroes and bringing their back catalogue into the digital age. Each producer presents twenty of their finest productions, remixes, and other people’s mixes of their cuts, with the tracks presented in their full-length unmixed glory as a download album or on two CDs. Louie Vega’s collection is the masterful set one would expect from a true king of the genre, which features its fair share of obscure 90s floor shakers as well as the obvious hits. Highlights of Vega’s two CD collection include MAW’s timeless To Be In Love, Hardrive’s passionate Deep Inside and organ drenched The Underground Network Mix of Sole Fusion’s We Can Make It. Chris Le Friant created Bob Sinclar in 1997, after becoming frustrated with blunted beat driven projects and the Sinclar alter ego has brought him huge dance floor and commercial success. Discoid and synthy vocal house make up the majority of the cuts on Bob’s double disc collection, which is patchy, but does feature a number of winners. Sinclar highs include the heartwarming, World, Hold On, Salomé de Bahia’s glorious Outro Lugar and the intense Tourment D’Amour. These collections are ideal primers for those unfamiliar with anything apart from the biggest hits produced by these house legends and are also useful for those looking to bolster their digital collections.


Mirror Music - The Strange Things I’ll Remember (Darkroom Dubs)

Mirror Music may have been a recent Soma signing, but don’t let the name make you think that they are actually new to the game or even the label. Mirror Music is Graeme Reedie of Silicone Soul and engineer par excellence Dave Donaldson, who has been on hand to fine tune recent SS albums and has scored various Hollywood films in his spare time. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they know how to create wonderfully musical and commanding house grooves. The album is an agreeable listen from start to finish and highs include the intergalactic funkout of the title track, pondering piano work of Galactic and string led mayhem of Fun. Away from the machine funk and artificial grooves of many house and techno producers, Mirror Music make wholesome grooves with cinematic soundscapes and instrumental flourishes.


Frost & Wagner - Remixes (Best Seven/Sonar Kollektiv)

Best Seven is a fine imprint from the Berlin based Sonar Kollektiv camp that focuses on distinctly European sounding reggae and dub, which takes its cues from various forms of music. Messers Frost & Wagner bring us an album of reinterpretations of jazzy efforts sourced from the Sonar Kollektiv camp and beyond. The duo make use of reggae and dub techniques, in order to create mixes that may be grounded in the West Indian styles of music, but in a very loose manner. Certain mixes even have more in common with European downbeat music than offbeat dubby grooves. Highs include their proud brass based of Re:jazz’s Torch Of Freedom, the acoustic guitar beauty of She Walks Alone from Eva Be and a buoyant harmonica kissed touch up of Onejiru’s We Carry On. Sweet rootsy reggae, calm dubby grooves and loving downbeat moments dominate on this cool comp from Frost & Wagner, which is ideal for lazy afternoons.


Black Science Orchestra - Walter’s Room (Junior Boys Own)

British house and fuzzy disco institution BSO are dragged into the 00s, with the re-release of 1996‘s Walter‘s Room on the recently re-activated JBO. For the uninitiated, BSO weren’t a conventional orchestra, but a production guise of Marc Woolford, Uschi Classen and a certain Ashley Beedle. Somewhat unlikely, JBO is back under the guidance and presumably distribution channels of big house cheese Defected, which means maximum exposure and publicity. Nevermind the politics of it all, Walter‘s Room is a corker of an album that reminds me of a time when there were a host of British labels releasing amazing music on vinyl (nu brit house anyone?) and deep house wasn‘t a dirty phrase. A few of the tracks sound a little old in the tooth, but most have stood the test of time better than other offerings from the same period. The album is worthy of purchase for the synth rocket that is New Jersey Deep alone, never mind the cool grooves of the murky Bless The Darkness uplifting Where Were You? and countless others. Revel in the bygone house and discoid goodness of the BSO, with a re-release that sounds hot today and reminds you of the golden period of UK house music.


Sambistas - Sambistas (Sambistas)

The name says it all, as Sambistas is a project where samba standards are given new life by a select Brazilian vocalists and forty musicians. In Brazil, recreating classics is not a lazy option and covers are an essential part of the evolution of music. The legendary vocalists on Sambistas are Jair Rodriguez, Elza Soares, Luciana Mello, Jair Oliveria and Seu Jorge, with the finest songs coming in the shape of the dramatic Minhas Madrugadas, jolly Samba Da Doca and ear catching Incompatiblidade De Gênios. Samba based fun for all!


V/A - Dr. Lektroluv: Live Recorded At Pukkelpop 2008 (Lektroluv)

Lektroluv paints himself green and often spins electronic grooves ranging from angular clashing cuts to jerky housers, punky hitters and thumping technoid efforts in a lab coat or a suit. However, Lektro isn’t a comic figure or a gimmicky spinner; under the makeup is a Belgian record label manager, with two decades of experience behind the decks. Lektroluv definitely knows what he is doing, mixing up various electronic styles on this CD, which was recorded at the delightfully named Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. Winners include Machines Don’t Care’s bleepy Beat Bang, John Acquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto’s fizzing synthed Sofa King and The Crookers irresistible remix of Kid Cudi’s Day ’N’ Nite. At a time when many producers are so making dull as dishwatwater synth driven electronic grooves, it’s good to hear a mix that features an array of sparkling cuts.


Monday, 3 November 2008

HIB Radio: Autumn LPs 08 Selection #1

Listen to a mixed selection of tracks from the recent albums & compilation's I've reviewed. All the tracks have received the JF sound fx treatment and each has been edited for HIB Radio....

Autumn LPs 08 Selection #1

Joakim - Peter Pan Over The Bronx
From V/A - Our Favorite Things: Nuspirit Helsinki (Backdrop)
Thievery Corporation - Beautiful Drug
From Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (ESL Music)
Gabor Szabo - Little Boat (O Banquinho) (Live)
From V/A - Influences: DJ Marky (BBE)
Soulphiction feat. Phlegmatic - Ghana Wadada
From Soulphiction - Do You Overstand?! (Sonar Kollektiv)
Mr. Scruff feat. Andrea Triana - Hold On
From Mr. Scruff - Ninja Tuna (Ninja Tune)
Soil & “Pimp” Sessions - Sea of Tranquility
From Soil & “Pimp” Sessions - Planet Pimp (Brownswood)
Christian Prommer’s Drum lesson - Strings Of Life
From Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson - Drum Lesson Vol 1 (Sonar Kollektiv)
Armand Van Helden feat. Roland Clark - Flowerz
From Armand Van Helden - You Don’t Know Me: The Best of Armand Van Helden (Universal/Southern Fried)
Damián Schwartz - Carolina’s Favourite
From Damián Schwartz - Party Lovers (NET28)
Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Radio Slave Remix)
From V/A - Faith Presents House Aint Dead! (BBE)

Download the radio show here

The mix and reviews should give you a taste of these albums. If you like what you hear and read, please buy the music!