Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions - Planet Pimp (Brownswood)

Web: http://www.soilpimp.com

From the word go, you know that Soil & “Pimp” mean business, thrilling listeners with their demented brand of ‘Death Jazz’. Not for the faint hearted, the brass instruments are blown within an inch of their life, whilst piano keys and drums shout from the top of their voices. Planet Pimp is a fourteen track album, but is more of a musical rollercoaster than anything else, with the Tokyo sextet occasionally pausing for breath, before launching into another uncontrollable jazz battle. Make sure you check out the carnage of STORM, deadly Sea of Tranquillity and the dreamy SATSURIKU Rejects. Planet Pimp is a rip roaring celebration of the power of music!


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