Monday, 27 October 2008

Damián Schwartz - Party Lovers (NET28)


Schwartz hails from Madrid and makes the sort of club music that is infectious enough to excite in the home listening environment as well as on the dancefloor. It is evident from listening to this album that the texture of the grooves and the feelings that they produce matter as much for Schwartz as the actual sliced sounds themselves. Therefore, the techno of Party Lovers penetrates further than most, especially as he creates grooves that continue to evolve from start to finish and reference the music of the past and also of the future. Winning efforts include the warped bass action of Lo Que Sube Baja, the paradoxical serene piano keys and robotic percussion of Carolina’s Favorite and the spacey synthed Raw. Party Lovers is one of those rare club albums that will hold the attention of listeners from start to finish, due to Damián Schwartz’s masterful command of grooves.


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