Monday, 27 October 2008

Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson - Drum Lesson Vol 1 (Sonar Kollektiv)


Not the first or the last person to cover modern and time honoured dance music classics with a band, Prommer succeeds on certain occasions, because he tries to cover full tracks in a jazzy style, instead of focussing too heavily on the melody. Pianos, big drums and live basslines rule the roost on these cover versions and whilst some tracks like Higher State Of Consciousness sound frankly ridiculous as it’s not really practical to recreate the sound of a 303 with live instruments, the classics that have a nice melody and exciting percussion parts work rather well. The best covers are those that actually remind you of the original versions to an extent, but also sound like different jazzy tracks in their own right. Highs include an earnest bass driven version of Can You Feel It, a cool keyed take of Rej and Strings Of Life done in a jazz bar style. Maybe this should be Christian Prommer’s Jazzlesson, not his Drumlesson?


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