Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Armand Van Helden - You Don’t Know Me: The Best of Armand Van Helden (Universal/Southern Fried)

Web: http://www.armandvanhelden.com

We do know Armand Van Helden quite well actually, considering the fact that he‘s been making easily recognisable dance hits since the mid 90s. He is known for making the sort of unrestrained club tracks that are just impossible to ignore and are primarily made from melding elements of house and hip hop in his unique style. Van Helden doesn’t do subtle and whilst some of his sample sources may grate on the ears (Koochy being a good example), the NY producer has been responsible for many moments of musical genius. You Don’t Know Me is an inspiring Duane Harden voiced disco cut up, whilst Full Moon ropes in Common for a groovy party track and Flowerz featuring Roland Clark is a beautiful love song. A consistent performer over time and different grooves, AVH has the knack of making the sort of life-affirming cuts that remind you how exciting dance music can be.


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