Saturday, 21 June 2008

Zombie Zombie – A Land For Renegades (Versatile)

Zombie Zombie A Land For Renegades (Versatile)


Originally a leading light of cutting edge French dance music at the peak of the ’French Touch’ invasion, the Paris based Versatile imprint developed into a revered label with a diverse catalogue. Zombie Zombie are synthophile Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman of Herman Düne fame and they add to the eclectic tradition with their intriguing musical broth. Together, the duo create unhinged compositions that propell themselves along effortlessly and are essentially made up of electronic debauchery and mind expanding rocky soundscapes. Jarring drum rolls, weird synthilating textures and confused vocals vie for command on many tracks and LP winners include the groovy title track, peaceful yet confusing What‘s Happening In The City? and a cutsey number called Before Night Falls. A mind-expanding treat!


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