Sunday, 29 June 2008

V/A – Tales Of The Unexpected 3: Mixed by Hardfloor (Platipus)

V/A Tales Of The Unexpected 3: Mixed by Hardfloor (Platipus)


German acidic techno behemoths Hardfloor were incredibly influential in the 1990s and their sound has inspired many a technoid producer. In recent years they’ve put out a handful of tracks and remixes, in order to compete with all the acid loving upstarts. Tales Of The Unexpected 3 shows that they still know what they’re doing when it comes to selecting powerful technoid material as DJs. This compilation is a double CD set of mostly bass heavy and powerfully percussed technoid and electroid cuts, which features liberal splashes of acid. The compilation sees new cuts line up alongside older gems and features a few lighter moments alongside all the acid doused darkness. Disc 1 highs include Grumptronix’s slurpy bassed Black Orchid, Reject’s warbling Lost and an unexpected treat in the shape of The Nightwriters’s earnest Let The Music (Use You). Disc 2 features tracks like Professor X’s amusing Professor X (Saga), Steve Stoll’s stargazing Up From Above and Lab Insect’s mystical Ho! Happy Days. This performance shows that Hardfloor certainly still know how to deliver technoid treats.


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