Sunday, 22 June 2008

V/A – Sub Club: 20 Years Underground (Soma)

V/A Sub Club: 20 Years Underground (Soma)


The fact that the Sub Club celebrates ’20 Years Underground’ is a testament to Glasgow’s clubbing minded populace, key musical selectors and the understanding figures behind the special building. A key institution in the city’s electronic musical past and present, The Sub Club has been home to two nights that bring us the wares on this compilation. The first is Harri and Domenic Capello’s Subculture weekly, a house and techno night responsible for bringing many a talented international spinner to Glasgow, but more importantly a soiree based on the musical selection of the residents. Disc A is given over to Subculture and features time honoured gems, such as Neal Howard’s key blessed The Gathering and the Instrumental version of Jimmy Bo Horne’s shimmering Spank. The second disc has been given over to JD Twitch and JG Wilkes aka Optimo, responsible for a bespoke Sunday night session that set them out as risk takers and has led them to take the Optimo sound all over the world. Winners on their musical hotpotch of a mix includes The Orb’s deadly Ripples and Linkwood Family’s ecstatic Piece Of Mind. This compilation is a worthy addition to a record collection, whether you’re a Sub Club regular, someone who’s had the pleasure to witness these spinners away from their home turf or just a lover of intriguing electronic music.


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