Sunday, 29 June 2008

V/A – Roadtrip: Holgi Star & Harry Axt (

V/A Roadtrip: Holgi Star & Harry Axt (


Holgi Star and Harry Axt take us on a car journey where the fuel is slimline techno and warped house music. The Berlin based pair treat us to a breakneck paced autobahn ride that features thirty four sparkling tracks, spread over two discs. Holgi Star is at the wheel for CD 1, where favourites such as the tough Popof Remix of Silent Breed’s Sync in 2008 and Luca & Paul’s forceful I Hope Me whiz by. Harry Axt puts on the driving gloves for CD 2, showing listeners sights such as Shlomi Aber’s prickly Freakside and Wink‘s banging Thick As Thieves, before delivering them to their destination. This is a journey that will leave you gasping for breath!


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