Saturday, 21 June 2008

V/A – Fuse Presents Adam Beyer (Music Man)

V/A Fuse Presents Adam Beyer (Music Man)


This CD is a collaboration between two techno legends, one of them being a person, Adam Beyer and the other being Fuse, a Belgian club that has been packing them in since 1994. Sweden’s Adam Beyer blesses us with a mix CD of technoid grooves that is perhaps slightly more restrained in places than one may expect from Beyer, but is still musically devastating. It features a pulse racing 22 tracks that appear in quick succession, with most being left in the mix long enough for listeners to discover their unique qualities. It’s worth keeping an ear out for offerings such as Joel Mull’s warbling Coconest, Schneider / Galluzzi’s marching Albertino and the demented Agaric remix of Acid Circus’s Reduxtion. A thrilling dancefloor escapade.


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