Sunday, 29 June 2008

V/A - 5 Golden Years In The Wilderness (Buzzin’ Fly)

V/A - 5 Golden Years In The Wilderness (Buzzin Fly)


Ben Watt’s London based Buzzin’ Fly label has released some amazing music in the last half decade and this compilation brings together some of the imprint’s finer moments. Buzzin’ Fly has shifted in scope from funikified and deeper grooves to techier soundscapes, but they’ve still delivered excellent releases, regardless of the sub genre. Disc 1 is essentially a house retrospective and features killers such as Darkmountaingroup’s bass fueled Lose Control, Ben Watt & Estelle’s shoplifting narrative entitled Pop A Cap In Yo’ Ass and Charles Webster’s melancholic retread of Justin Martin’s The Sad Piano. Disc 2 features chilled favourites such as Kayot’s hushed One Week On Cuba, Two Armadillos’s stunning Nostalgia and Manoo & Francois A’s mellow key kissed A Day In December. Disc 3 features brand new techy delights, such as Stimming’s polite Kleine Nachtmuzik, Lovebirds’s string driven The Beat Goes Boom and Here Today’s cool Good News. 5 Golden Years In The Wilderness features some excellent tracks from the Buzzin’ Fly archives and suggests that there is still more cool music to come from the label in the future.


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