Saturday, 28 June 2008

Martin Eyerer – Word Of Mouth (Kling Klong)

Martin Eyerer Word Of Mouth (Kling Klong)


Germany’s Martin Eyerer makes the sort of cool technoid grooves that have enough zing about them to hold the interest. Textures are really important to Eyerer and the Word Of Mouth LP features all types of synthetic grooves that will put your teeth on edge and penetrate deep into your mind. Winning solo efforts include the wobbly keyed Furthermore, devastating Monza and tranced out Barber’s Pole. The album also includes a DJ mix from Eyerer, entitled ’Best Of Kling Klong’, which is musically in the same ballpark as Word Of Mouth and rounds up hot cuts on the imprint. Pay special attention to mix CD cuts such as Florian Meindl’s melancholic Tears, Dusty Kid’s warm Cowboys and the key driven Babylon, a cut from Eyerer himself, produced with Oliver Klein. Technoid fun!


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